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    Would you pick a different spelling just for lower popularity?

    I know that Isabella, Bella, and Ella and other -lla names are very popular which is why I prefer Isabel over them though I know it is still going to be fairly common. But would using Isobel instead of Isabel make any difference to you, if the only reason for the change is popularity? As far as I know it doesn't change the sound at all and unless you see it written she will still be lumped with the others.

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    I wouldn't pick spelling just for lower popularity. Just like you said they would still be lumped in with the rest especially when you call the name in public or at school.

    I like this list from to look at the overall popularity. It is interesting to see the difference when you add spellings together. For example, Charlotte goes from 27 in 2011 on ssa's list to 55 on the combo list.
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    If you call out ih-za-bell, then Isabel, Isobel and Isabelle will turn their heads.

    I don't mind using alternate spellings if they reflect your heritage (such as if you are Welsh, than Isobel works great). But these also cause a lifetime of pronunciation and spelling issues.

    Isobel will be called everything from Isabel to ee-SO-bull. And she'll have to correct how her name will be spelled.

    In 2011, if you combine the spellings, Isabel and her sisters rank 59. If you love a name, go for it. You don't have to spell it different to be more unique, which leads to all of the Kdyns and Chlois.
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    No, that wouldn't make any sense to me. It would be the same name, and just as popular. If there is an Isabelle, Isabel, Isobel, and Izzabel in a class, they are still going to be Isabelle M, Isobel P, etc. In fact, I would spell it in the most popular way so that she wasn't always having to correct people on the spelling.

    If you love a particular name, I think you should use it, regardless of popularity.

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    I wouldn't use a different spelling to avoid popularity, because no matter how you spell it Isabel is still a super popular name. And I just can't get past the over use of it.
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