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    I wouldn't use a spelling variation because of popularity. Isabelle, Isobel and Isabel are all said the same. But I might choose Isabelle to get the nn Belle, for example, as it works better with the longer ending. Equally, I might choose one of the other two to try and avoid it. Or I might choose the O because all my other children have O's in their names and I find it a nice link, or Isabel to honour Great Uncle Abel. There are plenty of reasons for choosing one spelling over another, but popularity wouldn't be one.

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    I'm with @krismichelle--I might go for a less popular spelling, but I wouldn't choose it just because it was less popular. Isabelle (this spelling) is my favorite girls' name, and while I can appreciate Isabel and Isobel, I know they're not for me, regardless of popularity (that being said, popularity doesn't bother me a bit. Isabelle has been dropping consistently for the past five or so years, and each year it's dropping by more points than the year before. That, and I just don't care about popularity. If I love a name, I'll use it. Even if it's number one.). Honestly, Isabelle just looks more "right" to me--Isobel looks a bit harsh, and Isabel looks like it's been chopped off halfway through. But even without how it looks, I'd go with Isabelle anyway--I took French in high school and really grew to love the language and the culture, and my best friend was from France, and passed away December 2011, so Isabelle's a bit in honor of her, as well. If you have a reason for using Isobel or Isabel, besides popularity, then sure, why not? But just for popularity's sake alone, nah, I wouldn't. It's too much hassle, because everyone always assumes it's the most popular spelling. If you're Scottish, if you honeymooned in Scotland, if the name has some other tie to you--even if you just like the spelling best. But I wouldn't use a legitimate less common spelling, especially if I found another spelling more aesthetically pleasing, if you know what I mean. Popularity isn't that important.
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    No, she is still going to get lumped in with the other Isabelle's so I don't see the point.

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    I wouldn't change the spelling for popularity reasons, however, if the spelling you love happens to be less popular, go for it. I like Isabel better than Isobel... Isobel just looks awkward to me. Using a weird spelling of any name doesn't make it less popular. She will probably still be the 5th Isabel/Isobel/Isabella in her class, and then it wont really matter that it is spelled one letter different, plus everyone will spell it wrong.
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    I wouldn't use a different spelling just to avoid popularity, no, because as pp's said, it sounds the same. I do however prefer some spelling's of names over others. Catherine is my favorite spelling of that name for example, and Isobel happens to be my favorite spelling of that name.

    In the end, pick the name (and the spelling) you love best, though I'd urge you not to make up your own spelling because I imagine that would lead to a lifetime of having to tell people how to spell or pronounce your name. That doesn't sound fun to me. As an Erica, I've always had to correct people who spell it Erika or Ericka. Everyone wants to add a -k in there for some reason.
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