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    Absolutely not, because not only is it still just as popular, but now the majority of people will always spell your child's name wrong, ask him/her why it's spelled oddly, or mispronounce it.

    For other reasons - heritage, a namesake, or just because you prefer the cleaner look of a name - I would spell it differently.
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    I wouldn't change the spelling just for popularity ranking as others have said. I may prefer the less common spelling (isobel is my preferred spelling for that name, then Isabel, lastly isabelle), but I would not go crayzie and spell it like 'izhabelle' or something, for any reason, including delusion that it would mean that my daughter had a name under top 1000 in popularity!
    If I truly had no preference between spellings of a name, I'd choose the more popular one just for ease of use for the kid. But I rarely, if ever, don't slightly prefer one spelling aesthetically over the others!

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    To me, it's all the same name when said out loud. The only difference is she will have to spend her life correcting the spelling. I think if you love the name go for it, if you love the Isobel spelling you should use it, but if it's just to stay out of the dreaded top ten I think it's a silly choice. I do think that Isobel looks pretty.

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    I agree with everyone else. I wouldn't choose an alternate spelling purely for popularity reasons. I have an Annabel, and that spelling was chosen for my love of the Poe poem, to reflect our English and Scots heritage, and because I prefer the more tailored ending.
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    No, I wouldn't saddle my child with a miss spelling. They might regret thier name forever. Especially living the the remarks from teachers and college professors later on. It would also be a reflection on family and an association to illiterate parents. Believe me, teachers and professors will notice and point out a miss spelled name.

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