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    javad Guest
    I like Henry the best from your options (Saul would be second). I like Emmett and Stellan, but don't think either one pairs up well with Ella (Stellan's got 'Ella' right inside it).

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    I like Henry Elijah.
    Dean, Levi and Isaac are my faves. - why not Henry & Elijah as middle names.

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    I think Henry fits best with your girl's names. I don't find it any more popular than either Ella or Cate. Levi would be my second choice.

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    I'm not a fan of Henry Elijah Holohan. Henry Holohan is a BIT much, and Henry ends with a long E sound... the same sound Elijah starts with. So, it will become Henreelijah Holohan. I'd switch up the names...

    I don't really like names ending with an N with Holohan (as it also ends with an N)... So, no Dean or Stellan (see how Stellan Holohan is borderline rhymy?). Wyatt and Emmett are a bit overdone and trendy, imho. I actually really like Kiefer Holohan or Saul Holohan... they are both unique and interesting, while still maintaining their manly charm. (Having the last name helps SOOOO much)...

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    Clark Holohan
    Cyrus Holohan
    Dante Holohan
    Darius Holohan
    Ephraim Holohan
    Forest Holohan
    Ezra Holohan
    Graham Holohan
    Jasper Holohan
    Jonas Holohan
    Jude Holohan
    Kirk Holohan
    Kent Holohan
    Kai Holohan
    Lars Holohan
    Lance Holohan
    Lewis Holohan
    Lawrence Holohan
    Booker Holohan
    Malachy Holohan
    Marcus Holohan
    Marshall Holohan
    Mitchell Holohan
    Cooper Holohan
    Spencer Holohan
    Miles Holohan
    Neil Holohan
    Oskar Holohan
    Philip Holohan
    Patrick Holohan
    Peter Holohan
    Piers Holohan
    Porter Holohan
    Quincy Holohan
    Reid Holohan
    Ross Holohan
    Rhys Holohan
    Rufus Holohan
    Ryder Holohan
    Russell Holohan
    Samuel Holohan
    Sterling Holohan
    Silas Holohan
    Tanner Holohan
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