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    Taking your last name into account, my favorites are:

    -Dean Elijah
    -Levi Elijah

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    my favorite of your list is Levi.

    Levi Elijah Holohan
    Ella, Cate and Levi Holohan

    the name works for me in combination with mn and ln, although it does sound a little heavy on the Hebrew compared to your girls' names - not sure if you care about that?

    and i agree about Henry -- it is a nice name, but pretty popular at the moment.
    i personally like Harvey a lot. what do you think?

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    Henry is nice, but I really love Emmett!!
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    Loving this feedback - thank you! Yes, I agree in that if we did Levi or Saul or another biblical first name, we would switch out Elijah

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    I love Henry Elijah! It goes so well with Ella and Cate, too. Such a classic, beautiful sibset.

    I also like Foster, Isaac, Emmett (although I'm not sure about with Ella--I'm guessing the same initial doesn't bother you?), and Murray. I like Stellan, but for some reason it always reminds me of Loki from The Avengers, lol. I don't know why, since Stellan Skarsgard plays Eric Selvig, not Loki, haha. And Loki (at least the Loki from Avengers) isn't a great association, haha. Still a nice name, but it almost feels too unusual for the sweet and feminine and classic Ella and Cate.

    Henry would be my first choice for you, followed by Isaac. Then Foster, then Emmett. They're all lovely, though!
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