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Thread: Natural Names

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    Natural Names

    What are your favourite nature names they can be plants, animals, gems, minerals, places, geological features etc.
    However the name has to be usable I live in a small town in Ireland, so nothing too hippy-ish or out there. My last name is in my user name.

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    javad Guest

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    my nature favorites for boys are:

    Sage (i prefer it on a girl, though)
    Lark / Larkin

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    Heath and Moss (classically a diminutive for Moses rather than a plant name but I like it for being both) are my most favourite. Followed by Hawthorn, Rowan, and Jasper as some of my favourites.

    Animal names are hard without getting quirky. I like Fox, Hart, and Wolf but they are all a bit out-there, though one of those is my 25-year-old brother's middle name and he's always liked it.

    The only way I can think of to do animal references without being less than classical is do meanings: Leon, Ari, Caleb, Callum, Ronan, Oisin etc.

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    Hmmm... Never been to Ireland, so you'll have to decide for yourself whether or not they're usable. Jasper, Cavan, Hawthorne, Finn, Caspian, Canyon, Lee, Leif, Leo, Kai (ocean in Hawaiian), Shan (mountain in Chinese), Conall (wolf), Allen (little rock), Benton (bent grass settlement), Orion (the stars), Ogden, Cliff, Clay, Cole, Clive (cliff), Dale, Forest, Shea, Birch, Oak, Cypress, Sage (maybe a bit girly?), Aster, Flint, Jett, Rusty, Stone, Rocky, Bran, Lachlan, Storm, Raleigh, Nashville, Charleston, Redmond, Bud, Valerian, Basil, Walden, William (Sweet William), Herb, Reed, Cedar, Hollis, Linden, Alder, Chaney, Frasier (strawberry and berry), Berkeley (birch), Barclay (birch), Roosevelt (rose field), Seneca, Drake, Draco, Houston, Boston, Sumner (S. Carolina),

    A bit out there: Equinox (nn Knox), Aslan, Onyx, Topaz, Jacek, Thorn, Spruce, Alfalfa ( Great nn, though), Zion (National Park), Montana, Dover
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