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    LN: Hoder, March, Quimby, Delamonte, Farrow, Winterley, Harmon, Gentry, Minster, Argyle, Woodlock, Bridger.

    DH: Dominic Roman
    DW: Grier Lucienne 'Luci'

    DS: Lennon Pollux
    DD: Perla Eliette
    DD: Artemis Luxton
    DS/DS: Thaddeus Apollo & Hendrix Drummer 'Thad & Henri'
    DD: Domino Persephone
    DS: Xavian Remy
    DD/DD/DD: Nala Valentine, Amore' Phoenix & Jezebel Zenobia 'Belle'
    DS: Dante' Maxfield
    DS: Ziggy Wilder
    DD: Isabeau Acacia 'Beau'
    DD/DS: Elodie Clementina & Holden Atticus

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