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    Names that elude to dawn/sunrise/renewal

    Hey all,
    I'm looking for more names that either have a meaning of something like dawn/sunrise or perhaps renewal/revive/new or something that evokes a feeling of 'newness' or 'renewal'. I'm looking for names that either have a meaning in this vein, or could perhaps be a metaphor for it (even if somewhat abstract), or have been used in literature in a symbolic way of dawn/newness/etc.

    Some examples:
    Larkin (the lark is a common literary symbol of the dawn)
    Sulien (sun-born)
    Anatole (rising sun)
    Roshan (day light)

    What else ya got?
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    Aurora springs to mind - dawn
    Lillies can be a symbol of rebirth
    Anastasia means resurrection
    Dawn - obviously =)
    Aruna- dawn
    iola- 'violet coloured dawn'
    Thea- mother of dawn (and sun and moon)

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    Or what about names related to butterflies- symbol of new life

    Vanessa- a species of butterfly
    Mariposa- spanish for butterfy (watch though, can have negative connotations insome countries)
    Papillion- French for butterfly

    Species of butterfly:
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    Loxias or Paean (epithets for Apollo - healing and light! or how about just Apollo?)


    Aurelius or Aurelian
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    Seconding every name the lovely miss Moon sugegsted, especially Loxias. And I love Anatole of your list.

    These are all Sun Gods unless specified:
    Amun - Egyptian, creation God associated with the sun
    Anshar - Mesopotamian sky God
    Aten - Egyptian
    Balder - Norse
    Belenos - Gaulish
    Dag - Norse, personification of the day
    Enlil - Mesopotamian God of breath and wind
    Frey/Freyr - Norse
    Helios - Greek
    Heracles - Greek hero, his myth is a sun story
    Hors - Slavic
    Horus - Egyptian God of sun and light
    Icarus - Greek fellow who built wings and flew too close to the sun
    Koyash - Turkic
    Lugh - Irish
    Mithras - Perisan
    Osiris - Egyptian,associated with spring, renewal and resurrection
    Pyrois, Aeos, Aethon and Phlegon - the horses who pulled Helios' chariot
    Ra - Egyptian
    Ravi - Hindu
    Sol - sun Goddess in Norse mythology, sun God in Roman mythology. It's also the actual word for sun in Scandinavia.
    Tohil - Mayan
    Usil - Etruscan
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