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    Oooh Part 2?!?! I'll give 10 more.

    I'll warn the second part of this is namesake-heavy, and those would probably only go in the middle spot.

    Aurelia - Ancient and golden.

    Twain - A worthy namesake for a boy. I think of the name and smile. Even the name is serious and literary, but can't help but have a bit of a mischievous, sly grin.

    Atticus - After I posted last time, I realized I had left this one off. I know all the naysayer's opinions on it, but I'm one of ones who love the book, and love the character, and can't see anything wrong with giving a child something to look up to.

    Linnea - A beautiful, flowing girl's name that still works as a woman's name. It's also extremely rare to find a girl's name with scientific ties. For my SO and me, that rates very highly and is something to be treasured.

    Frederick - Despite its connection to Frederick the Great, its meaning is actually related to peace. I also love the nickname Freddy. It should be revived!

    Juniper - So. freaking. cute. And a way to get to June and Junie.

    Lilia - I see this as the most grown up version of the Lily names, and quite beautiful. Liliana is too elaborate, Lillian is still a little old fashioned to me, Lilia is just right.

    Georgia - Distinguished and connected to my youth when I spent my summers in the state.

    Ian - This was the name of a baby born to a friend of the family when I was a kid and it seemed exotic and unusual to me then. Now it seems a little short, but it was my introduction to unfamiliar names. I still have a soft sport for it.

    Dashiell - Another worthy namesake, for an author who stood up for his beliefs at a very difficult and shameful time in America's history. It's also a great sounding name, with, of course, the attractive nn Dash. So perfect for a boy!

    Also, Genevieve, Lilia, Magnolia, Elliott, Gus.
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