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    I'll try and keep this brief...

    Samuel: I am absolutely enamored with the idea of having a little boy named Sam. Samuel/Sam is everything I love in a boy's name - warm, friendly, timeless, handsome, versatile, a little rugged, and meaningful. I love that Samuel is Biblical, and I love that Sam is the name of two of my favorite fictional characters. I've also never met a guy named Sam that I didn't like, so I get really, really good vibes from the name.

    George: Ditto what I said about Samuel; George is everything I love in a boy's name. It isn't quite as warm and friendly as Samuel, sure, but there was a wonderful George in my grandmother's family that balances that out for me. The literal meaning of "farmer/earth-worker" is significant to me because all of my ancestors were farmers, so it's a subtle way of honoring that heritage. George is just such a dashing, underused classic, and it's also the name of a favorite fictional character.

    Edward: My grandmother's maiden name is Edwards, and Edward is mostly in honor of her family. It's absolutely timeless with so many interesting historical namesakes. I find it dashing, stately, handsome, and versatile. I love the literal meaning of "rich/blessed guard" for several reasons, but I won't go into all of that.

    Benjamin: The meaning behind this one is extremely personal, but I also love it for the same reasons I love Samuel (minus the fictional characters). Sam and Ben are perfect as brothers, but I love Bo more than Ben as a nickname for Benjamin. Ben's a subtle connection to one of my favorite actors though.

    Henry: I never, ever, ever thought Henry would be in my top five. I used to hate it. Then I was forced to sit through graduation practice a couple of weeks ago, a few guys had Henry in their full name, and something about hearing it out loud in a full name... I fell in love. It's a perfect fit with my other favorites, and it feels really rugged and Southern to me. I also like the nickname Hank and the connection to Indiana Jones. Added bonus: no one who knows about my Harry Potter obsession knows that Henry and Harry are essentially the same name.

    Ozias: I couldn't commit to this as a first name, but I've loved it as middle name for quite a while. It's quirky and Biblical with a rugged, colonial sort of feel to it. Honestly, I just think it's really cool.

    Yeah, that wasn't brief. I'll come back and ramble about my favorite girls' names later.

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    my favorites are Tallulah, Victoria, Celestia, Claire and Pearl for girls for boys names like Devin and Declan

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    Poppy - I love the energy and image of the red poppy petals that this name gives me. I also love how my SO has bright red hair, so, very likely, our (if we ever have) children they'd be redheads as well.

    Sebastian - I LOVE this name! I love the sound and feel that it has. I love the way it rolls off the tongue. But, I dislike how popular it is (though I've never met one), and, sadly, my SO hates it.

    Jasper - I love nature names, and I also love the reddish hue that the stone has.

    Peri - I think its so precious. I love this spelling.

    Opal - LOVE this name! But my SO only approves of it as a middle name.

    Alice - Love the way it rolls off the tongue, just like Sebastian. And I love the history.

    Cecil - This is a family name, but I love the sound of it.

    Hugo - love this name! I love the sound, meaning and feel of this name. I also love how its underused.

    Storey - I once had a best friend named Storey, this is how she spelt it. She was extremely sweet, kind, caring, and beautiful and classy. I love this name very much.

    Henri/James - both very classic, timeless and very handsome, but only as middle name.

    Maeve - Love this! I love the sound of it, and how its Irish.
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    Jackson -- After DeForest Kelley, whose first name was Jackson. I've been a Star Trek fan {especially TOS} for a couple of years now, and Bones is my favourite fictional character of all time.

    Arthur -- Arthur Conan Doyle! I love Sherlock Holmes, from the original books to the BBC show and the Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law movies.

    Hadley {g} -- Means "heather field", which honours my mother, who is named Heather. I'd only use this as a middle name, though.

    Anton -- A variation of my father's name. I'd possibly use this as a first name, although a middle name is more likely.

    Aurora -- The "Aurora Borealis" is one of the most beautiful things that exists, I think. I have yet to see it myself, but I definitely plan to one day.

    Lyra -- Astronomy has always been one of my interests.

    There aren't many names that have meaning behind them for me, and I'm not sure I'd even use all of these, but I'm struggling with names right now haha.
    Edith. Iris. Lyra. Violet. Clara. Freya. Alice. Ottilie. Marian. Luella. Beatrice. Anthea. Romilly. Martha. Grace.
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    Oooh Part 2?!?! I'll give 10 more.

    I'll warn the second part of this is namesake-heavy, and those would probably only go in the middle spot.

    Aurelia - Ancient and golden.

    Twain - A worthy namesake for a boy. I think of the name and smile. Even the name is serious and literary, but can't help but have a bit of a mischievous, sly grin.

    Atticus - After I posted last time, I realized I had left this one off. I know all the naysayer's opinions on it, but I'm one of ones who love the book, and love the character, and can't see anything wrong with giving a child something to look up to.

    Linnea - A beautiful, flowing girl's name that still works as a woman's name. It's also extremely rare to find a girl's name with scientific ties. For my SO and me, that rates very highly and is something to be treasured.

    Frederick - Despite its connection to Frederick the Great, its meaning is actually related to peace. I also love the nickname Freddy. It should be revived!

    Juniper - So. freaking. cute. And a way to get to June and Junie.

    Lilia - I see this as the most grown up version of the Lily names, and quite beautiful. Liliana is too elaborate, Lillian is still a little old fashioned to me, Lilia is just right.

    Georgia - Distinguished and connected to my youth when I spent my summers in the state.

    Ian - This was the name of a baby born to a friend of the family when I was a kid and it seemed exotic and unusual to me then. Now it seems a little short, but it was my introduction to unfamiliar names. I still have a soft sport for it.

    Dashiell - Another worthy namesake, for an author who stood up for his beliefs at a very difficult and shameful time in America's history. It's also a great sounding name, with, of course, the attractive nn Dash. So perfect for a boy!

    Also, Genevieve, Lilia, Magnolia, Elliott, Gus.
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