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    Ah! Here are my favorites:

    John - Traditional and simple. I love it

    Melchior - The middle name of St. John Bosco. it has such a kingly air

    Lucas - I think this a very calm name and love the nickname Luke

    Joseph - A family name. I must love it because I hear it so much

    Peter - I just like this name a lot.

    Sebastian - Ditto Melchior

    Charles - This too is a family name, from "aways back"

    Dominic - I don't love this name on it's own merits. Perhaps it reminds me of St. Dominic

    Tristan - A very masculine name which my mother loves

    Everett - For some reason this name has the same effect on me as Luke ^

    Zoe - My grandmother always wanted to name one of her children Zoe and never had the chance. She made me love it

    Claire - I've always loved "cl" names like Claude and Claire and Clement. I've no idea why
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    My favorites:

    Charlotte: first heard the name on Sex and The City in my teens. I instantly fell in love with it. It's been my #1 name for years.

    Violet: my great-grandmas name, I always loved it.

    Brooke: I actually fell for this name after my little sister was born. She was born in my teens and ever since she was born I've loved it. Too bad I can't use it, lol.

    Delaney: I've loved it since middle school. The nn Laney is so adorable.

    Melina: This is actually my boyfriends sister in laws name and I never even considered it until I heard him say it. I love how even when my boyfriend says the name, it still sounds feminine.

    Vivienne: the fake name my mom used when she met my dad. I've always wanted to name my daughter that as a way to honor her.

    Trenton: my only favorite boys name. He was my bestfriend in elementary school, until he unexpectedly moved away and I was crushed.
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    My Top 12 most people wouldn't like them or think I am making some up but I'm not. These are the top 12 that have most meaningful to me. I had to think deeply about it cause most of mine have meanings behind them: Here it goes:

    River - (Unisex) - I am a Christian, and river is such a strong, and lovely reference in the Bible. I love this verse, and this is why I love the name River: John 7:38 "He that believes on me, as the scripture has said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water" (speaking of the Holy Spirit). I also love nature as well, and rivers a re so beautiful.

    Charlotte - (Female) - Ever since I was little I have loved the cartoon-movie and book Charlotte's Web by E.B. White. The character Charlotte is such an amazing one, and I fell in love with the name since then.

    Jurassic - (Female) - I love dinosaurs, and have since a child. This is very "out there", but I love it despite some things about it. I would consider it really. I think it sound neat. I love the movie as well (Jurassic Park).

    Disney / Disneyland (Unisex / Female) - Disney I like on a boy more, but Disneyland as a name I prefer on a girl. This is also very out there. Like most people I like all things Disney, and I love the creation of it. I am so fascinated by it. I just love it as a name. I think most people would think I'm nuts, lol.

    London - (Male) - London, England has always has special place in my heart ever since I was a child. It would take to long to go in depth.

    Bruce Wayne - (Male - Combo) - Batman! Huge Fan, enough said, .

    Nancy - (Female) - Nancy is the name of one of my aunts, and she is very dear to me. I always thought this was a lovely name.

    Chester - (Male) - From the Bunnicula books, I have always loved that cat as a character. I loved those books so much, and still have them. I also like this for Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

    Agnes - (Female) - For my father's aunt who died when she was younger (huge story behind it, and why I like this name), also for the character in David Copperfield one of my favorite books.

    Last but not least:

    Dragon (Unisex) - prefer on a girl though. Also from one of my favorite books Mrs. Frisby and Rats of NIMH. I love dragons in general.

    The last one was tough I had some other names that came close I will name them: Alice, Perdita, Judith, Belle, Monday, Wednesday, Ozma / Oz, Phoenix, Atlas, Brooklyn, Damian, Fox, Gotham, Hazel, Scout to name some others.
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    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Current Twelve:
    I love this name! I also love Della on its own. Plenty of nicknames and helps honor part of my heritage.
    A favorite of my parent is Carl, while I think this honors them and puts my own twist on it.
    Dagmar (girl)
    It may be a little out there, but it honors various relatively in a Renesmee kind of way.
    I love this one for a boy. If only my judgmental relatives don't get in the way!
    With the nicknames Elsa, Ilsa, or Ilse
    same as Eben
    I love the character of this name.
    I love a lot of HP names and this one is a favorite.
    Just love the sound and it does sort of honors.
    Never thought of nn Maggie but I love this name!
    Favorite boys name!
    Stephan (boy)

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