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    Quote Originally Posted by whit32 View Post
    A lot of my favorite names are guilty pleasures. They either are vetoed by my hubby, don't work with our last name, or are just too out there to be used as a first name. For me to really love a name, it has to bring to mind some clear and lovely image. There are plenty names that I like just fine, but they don't capture my interest if they don't have a picture to go with them.
    In no order:

    Eilonwy: I know I talk about this one a lot, but it will be our daughter's middle name, if we have a girl. Eilonwy is my and my husband's very favorite literary female character. We have both loved this name for 10+ years and there is no way we're letting it go. The character embodies everything I would want my daughter (and myself) to be. Smart, courageous, feminine without being prissy, and funny to boot :-) Way too many things I love about this name.

    Cedar: for a boy. I was captivated by an old growth cedar forest in Glacier NP, and ever since I have loved this name. It is such a strong, calm name, and I love the way it flows off the tongue. I'm hoping to sneak it in as a mn for a boy.

    Daniel: Can't help it, I just love everything about this name, except that it is a top 5 name here in Texas. I like all the nns, I've never met a Daniel who wasn't great, and I love the Bible reference. It's just so popular...

    Holt: I'll be honest, I'm not shot in the head about the sound of this name. It's a bit abrupt. But the meaning is amazing. "Son of the unspoiled forest" Talk about amazing imagery. Can't you just picture a little boy running through an old forest?

    Sage: for a girl. This is the female form of Cedar for me, calm and strong. I picture the windswept mountain plains covered with sagebrush, and the wonderful feeling I have when I'm there.

    Rhys: I've really been crushing on this one lately. I picture mountains and streams. Plus the Mr. Rhys on Person of Interest (don't know the show spelling of his name) really makes this name seem manly.

    Flynn: I picture adventure with this name. A little boy with wild hair, holes in his jeans, and unstoppable energy.

    Callie: A family name for me (great grandmother), it also has such a clear image. I picture a little girl with long brown hair, wearing a gingham blue dress, and hanging from a tree behind a farm house. It's too sweet a picture for me to ignore.

    Tabitha: Love the meaning and Bible reference of this name. I picture a dark haired, dark eyed athletic girl. We have about a 50/50 chance of having a brown eyed or blue eyed child, so this may fit well.

    Taran: for a boy. Again, a name I love because of the same books that Eilonwy is from. Taran is a sometimes confused, often fumbling, but always courageous male character that I think is a great role model. My only concern is the popularity of Taryn for girls. Not too popular now, but used to be. I don't want my sons name to be the same as his peers' moms' names kwim?

    Ok, I think I'll have to stop there. It's just 10, but these are the ones that stand out in my mind above all others.

    Oh and ottilie, Polyhymnia is the name of one of the main female characters in some of Madeleine L'Engle's young adult books. I love all her books, and Poly (as she is usually called) is a great character.

    Loving everyone's names. Some really beautiful, evocative names here!
    @Whit32--Just wanted to say that my husband, my daughter, and I all love the Prydain Chronicles too! They were my husbands' favorite when he was a kid but I didn't discover them till we read them to our girl this year (bedtime reading). Eilonwy and Taran--characters and names alike--totally rock.

    Lovely thread--I'll try to list my favorites sooner or later . . .

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    It was hard because of course I want to include the first and middle names of my daughters as well as the first name of my boys but they're all in my signature so I managed to come up with a Top 8 split equally between the two genders.

    1) Ambrose
    2) Tristan
    3) Liam
    4) Gabriel
    5) Annelise
    6) Effie
    7) Genevieve
    8) Fleur
    Not so done having children after all. We're not ready for TTC quite yet but when we do get pregnant,the husband handed sole naming rights over to his name obsessed wife!

    Bouncing Baby Boy: Tristan Ambrose * Ambrose Galahad* Gabriel Beauregard
    Little Lady: Genevieve Claire * Josephine Adele * Fleur Josephine * Morgana

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    Aquila: sleek and aquiline, aquatic and as free as the wind, astronomical and sharp. Sounds feminine in a steely way.

    Chrysanthe: "golden flower," lilting off the tongue, conjuring up incense and old stone corridors and velum manuscripts.

    Cosima: the whole universe contained in this name, both lush and refined, crisp and luxurious. There is someone name St Cosmas who was the original transplant surgeon and another St Cosmas who is celebrated on my baby's due date.

    Endellion: cool, Celtic, lilting, ancient. A fairy name that isn't frilly and happens to be real.

    Meriel: "sea bright," evokes shining seas and salty breezes, cool coves and a controlled, self-possessed femininity.

    Myrrine: spicy and opulent as myrrh, cool and clean as a marine breeze.

    Rosamond: a longtime favorite, strong and courageous and no-nonsense yet romantic and otherworldly. A secret false etymology, a medieval mistress, and a clever girl.

    Theophane: the French unisex smoothing out of Greek Theophanes/Theophano, this is another Byzantine gold-encrusted beauty. Smooth and sleek and elegant. St Theophano (a woman) is also celebrated close to my baby's due date, and the season of Theophany follows not long after.

    Altair: fierce as a falcon in the desert, astronomical and otherworldly.

    Auxentius: it's a luxury just to say.

    Cyprian: spicy and ancient like the Cypress, sun-baked and shimmering like Cyprus, old-world and scholarly and smooth.

    Ignatius: fiery and ancient, like a tame volcano.

    Laurence: dewy fresh, laurels in a mountain pass; saintly and luxurious.

    Lionel: cooly masculine, lion-tough, courtly and chivalrous.

    Rainier: another scholarly masculine choice, tough as a mountain, refined as the Cap Antibes, with Germanic bedrock underneath.

    Raoul: "wolf counsel," opulent and a tad dangerous. Invokes Raoul Wallenberg and medieval chieftains all at once.
    Blade, MD

    XY: Antoine Raphael; Julian Victor
    XX: Cassia Viviane Noor

    Allaire * Emmanuelle * Honora * Lysandra * Marina * Rosamond * Serena * Sylvie * Thea * Verity / Blaise * Cyprian * Evander * Jules * Laurence * Lucian * Marius * Quentin * Rainier * Silvan

    Hayat _ Qamar _ Sahar _ / Altair _ Faraj _ Tariq

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    There have been so many amazing names listed, I couldn't resist coming back for Round 2!

    Vesper: Hands-down the most gorgeous word name. Vesper makes me think of evenings and white roses and ruins and silent, sacred rituals. If only it weren't for the damn scooter...
    Wallace: Handsome, august, historical, literary, and just a little quirky. I adore W-names (see below), and Wallace is probably my favorite of favorites.
    Waldo: Wallace's eccentric cousin. I feel like I'm alone in my appreciation of this weird, wacky, wonderful W-name. Any other closet Waldo-lovers out there?
    Atlas: I love both the mythological reference and the association with a big dusty book of maps. Atlas is a strongman and a world traveller!
    Raphael: An angelic international choice with the fabulous rakish nn Raf or Rafi.
    Alice: Alice, if only! Literary, historical, Jamesian...Alice is perfection. Unfortunately my last name is seriously hard to work with, and Alice [my last name] sounds exactly like Alexander. I couldn't do that to a kid. If I find a partner who's willing to hyphenate, however...
    Erasmus: Another dusty antique that I can't get enough of. I love everything about Erasmus, from the clunky sound to the philosophical associations. If only there was a good kid-friendly nickname option! Razzy fails to appeal. I would love to use Erasmus in the middle place, however.
    Simon: Jaunty, nerdy, affable Simon, terminally underused in the mid-200s. Probably my favorite usable boy's name, particularly with Erasmus in the middle spot.
    Seraphina: A natural sister for Raphael. Celestial, aristocratic, yet totally approachable.
    Cordelia: Oh, how I love Cordelia! She's a Shakespearean heroine, an aristocrat, and the heroine of Lois McMasters-Bujold's fantastic Vorkosigan Saga (I know two little Cordelias named after her). Unfortunately I don't like Cora, Cordy, or Lia as nicknames, though Delia has a certain charm.
    Ursula: Another sci-fi name, this one in honor of the great Ursula leGuin. I also know two little Ursulas, both named after the author. Ursula strikes the same notes as Vesper: strange, ancient, yet wearable (more or less).
    Matilda: A spunky, clunky antique with a connection to a wonderful children's book. Alas, Matilda is rising fast. I love her enough to use her anyway. She's a natural sister to Eloise.
    Dashiell: Another literary name! Can you tell they're my favorite? Dashiell honors a great man, Dashiell Hammet; I'm not the biggest fan of his books, but his personal life was fascinating, and he went to jail in defense of his beliefs. The name also has a fabulous sound and a fabulous nn, Dash.
    Simon, Eloise/Louise, Faye, Judah, Thea, Felix, Iris, Cordelia, Roscoe, Lydia, Jasper, Phaedra, Adrian, Lucinda, Jane, Conrad, Wallace, Finnegan, Sylvie, Charlie, Dashiell, Juniper, Atlas, Matilda, Julian, Alice, Marlowe, Octavia, Jack, Marigold, Archer, Gabriel, Persephone, Raphael, Dov

    Just a grad student, dreaming ahead...

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    Viola- My favorite Shakespeare character of all time, unique without being utterly bizarre. I think the sound is beautiful.
    Emrys- I adore Arthurian lore, and Merlin's other name gives off a really likeable vibe.
    Ismay- I know it sounds like a tryndee version of Esmé, but I love it anyway. Sounds like springtime, and has nn possibilities Izzy and Maisie.
    Julian- The name of one of my closest friends. I like how it's melodic but masculine.
    Aviva- Like Ismay, it has an energetic vibe, and I love the double V sound and the meaning.
    Orlando- Feels very quirky, yet grounded, and I love the O's.
    Aya- The name of one of my newer-but-closer friends from college. I think it's lovely and would really grow with a person.
    Kieran- I love that it's a name in both Ireland and India, and I think it has an unusual but accessible sound.
    Amoret- Sort of a GP name. I've loved it since I was little and first read it in the Charlie Bone series, and fell in love all over again when I read The Faerie Queene.
    Ajax- The combination of J and X makes it sound so awesome, plus there's the mythological association.
    Coraline- I loved the Neil Gaiman book as a kid, and could relate to Coraline's struggle with her unique name.
    Sebastian- Another boys' name that ends with N. If I ever have boy-girl twins, they will absolutely be named Viola and Sebastian.
    g w e n

    Viola Mireille Sancia Blue Cosima Vale Zara Fionnuala
    Dash Apollo Madoc Orion Mars Auberon Kieran Atlas

    Cameron Alastor Wilde ⋆ Emmett Fidelio Scout ⋆ Zeke Borealis
    Isadora Maite ⋆ Coraline Octavia Luna ⋆ Cleo Amara ⋆ Adela Seraphine Lior
    v o t e

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