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    Max- Such a sweet, genuine name. I can't imagine meeting a little boy named Max and him not being adorable, and also just a little bit devilish. This is currently the frontrunner when my bf and I have a son (I was glad to see it drop out of the top 100 this year!)
    I have a Max (age 3-ish) at work and that description fits him to a T lol
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    My favorites in no particular order......

    Rose- so simple and yet undeniably feminine and a princess name without all the frill

    Winslet- I adore the nn Winnie and how it feels familiar yet unexpected. And to me the name gives off an undeniably grey feel that I love

    Benjamin- Classic, probably the safest name on my list yet I find it extremely handsome and all around good.

    Eve- an underused classic in my opinion, and it has the haunting kind of beauty

    Simon- another underused classic, kind of nerdy but sweet and strong

    Atticus- Love this one, it's so fun to say and just a charming name

    Holiday- I ADORE this name. And I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I think it's just lovely. And I could see it working on a cute curly haired, Mary Jane wearing little girl as well as a strong, sweet, beautiful woman.

    Charles- Again classic handsome and strong. And the more accessible nn Charlie is undeniably endearing

    Clementine- despite some people's strong association with the fruit I find this vintage name just darling, it's sweet and dainty but still has some back bone to it.

    Sawyer- I love it's connection to Tom Sawyer. And it just seems like a name of a mischievous little boy who grows up to be a kind, humble and strong man.

    Daphne- sweet and classic but somehow still spunky and charming

    Felix- charmingly classic and fresh. Yet unexpected
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    My all time favorites:

    Lila -- this has been my number one name since I was seventeen. For me, Lila's meanings are an incredibly layered and rich. I was bummed when the lil- names became so popular but with Lila I don't think that it will dissuade me. I love it despite the thousands of other little Lila's running around.

    Leonora -- this is a spin off of my partner's grandmother's name (Leonie). I think that Leonora is just the most stately and sophisticated name out there (this might be influenced by the grandmother though. She is a pretty special lady). Plus I adore the idea of either Leo or Nora as nicknames!

    Rosalie -- this is my grandmother's name. For a while there I thought that this name was my own secret. Oh well. I still think its gorgeous.

    Magnolia -- magnolia trees have always been one of my favorite harbingers of spring time. I adore their pearly white and fuchsia petals. I think this name is so decadent and feminine. (And it seems to be a berry favorite!!)

    Daphne -- a recent addition to my list. I still want to keep researching her. I love that this name has such a rich history but still feels so young and fresh.

    Soleil -- I would only use this as a middle name. The combo Lila Soleil has been stuck in my head since I was 17. I love the balance of the meanings (night and sun).

    Bennett -- I don't really have a particularly profound reason for liking this name. I just like how it looks and sounds. But I don't really need any more reason than that!

    Sullivan -- a family surname. I love how it sounds so jaunty and chipper despite sounding similar to sullen...

    Gilbert -- my grandfather's name. I secretly don't like it yet but I am convinced that I will like it soon. I think I am little ahead of the trend on this one so I am holding onto it because my grandfather is surely a worthy namesake.

    Hugo -- love this! I adore the meaning and the happy sound!

    Jude -- probably for a middle name only. This is would be to honor my mother, Judy.

    August -- Another new addition. My partner really likes it. I like it superficially but I don't quite have all of the profound connections that I do to some of the other names on my list.
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    Zoey- despite its popularity, I just adore this name (and yes, with the y ending). It's tomboyish but feminine but friendly. I just smile whenever I hear it.
    Hester- I have no idea why I love this name so. I've never read The Scarlett Letter. But this name feels so strong to me and I love the way it sounds, all soft and whisper-liker.
    Rosemary- This is my favorite of the rose- names. It sounds so sweet when you say it out loud, and I like all of its potential nicknames- Rosie, Romy, and Mary.
    Matilda- Matilda was one of my favorite books as a child, and it's a great namesake; a kid who triumphs over adults due to her vast intelligence. Also Tillie is a nickname that sounds like bells to me.
    Dinah/Georgia- These two names go together because I love them for the same reason; they are strong names with a Southern accent.
    Miriam- If I could choose a name for myself, this would be it. It's unusual but familiar, and I love the nicknames- Mitzi and Miri
    Runner ups would be Clementine, Laura, Daisy, and Tessa.

    Huxley- Although I would probably never use this in real life (I feel like everyone would assume he would be names after Aldous Huxley, who I don't really love), I adore this name. I love the -ley ending on boys and this is one of the rare names that hasn't gone to the girls yet. Also Hux is adorable
    Nolan- This name wins points for having an Irish origin, and I love ls in boy names.
    Russell- This name just feels happy to me. I love the sounds of the s in the middle.
    Miles- I like Milo, but I think I love this shorter version more. It also has a great meaning.
    Harris- If I had a boy tomorrow this would be his name. Harrison is too surnamey, and Harry makes me think of Prince Harry or Harry Potter.
    Atlas- Despite being the name of a Greek God, I can totally imagine this name on a little boy. It sounds so happy.

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    Liam It's so popular but I've loved it for so long and just can't seem to ditch it.

    Nash This name snuck up on me! I just thought of it one day and loved the sound of it. It's simple and cool and I adore it.

    Conrad I like it because I feel like it can sound very smart, but also has a cool edge to it.

    Layla For a long time this was the only girl name I liked. It just sounds so sweet to me.

    Clara I discovered recently that this is a family name and I've just fallen for it.

    Cora It's getting popular, but I love the short sort of attitude it gives.

    Finnegan I love the proper long form, and the simple nn of Finn.

    CordeliaAnother family name, it sounds royal and classic.

    Ada Goes back to German roots, simple, might be getting kinda popular though.

    Georgia I adore the sound of it.

    Everly I love that it's whimsical and fairytale-ish.

    Simon it just has such a handsome feel to me.
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