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    @augusta_lee: Almost every single name on your list I have considered as potential names. I love them all!
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    This is going to be hard, but I'll give it a shot. So many of my favourites sound wonderful to me, but have been deemed unusable by my other half.

    Romy - I just love it. It's punky and tomboyish and downright cool.
    Tova - Another one I just love. It's pretty and girly and, for me, a great alternative to the incredibly popular and enduring Ava and Rose.
    Hero - Can't go past this Shakespeare classic.
    Kitty - Oh so cute!
    Etain - There is something about this name that just does it for me. I think it's strong and serious yet elusive. I imagine an Etain to be a bookworm by day, rock star by night.
    Sabine - Dark, mysterious and sexy. It's what any shy girl would name her alter-ego.
    Sappho - This would be my top pick for a girl, but I'm not sure I could go there. I don't know why that is. What am I afraid of?

    Ralph - The perfect name. A Ralph would be everyone's best friend.
    Beau/Bo - Such a simple name, but it has a great strong sound.
    Kish - Easy going, generous, open minded and maybe a bit bohmemian.
    Fox - An adorable litte boy and a smart and good looking adult.
    Claude - Musical, mysterious and dashing. Perhaps a little pretentious, but I still love it.

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    Great thread!

    Sylvie: I absolutely love the way this names sounds. I love the ie ending and the sleek "S" beginning. To me, it is classic without being overly frilly. I picture a very chic, stylish girl with this name.

    Magnolia: My top girl name (at the moment). I love it's spunk, vintage flare, and frills. It also has so many lovely nickname potentials (Maggie, Nola, Noli, Mia). I think it is perfection.

    Griffin: I hate how popular this name is right now, but I still love it. It is such a handsome name and I love the nicknames of Griff and Finn.

    Rhett: I love the literary connection. I also love that it is a strong, one syllable name. It's an exotic traditional with a very familiar feel.

    Marigold: My big GP name. It just makes me so happy! It is sunny and sweet. I love the imaginary associated with the name and the nickname possibility of Goldie.

    And the baby is crying, so I will just have to list the rest with no explanations

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    Loved the blog! My Top 12 right now:

    The girls:

    Rosemary: Two family names of mine, Mary and Rose, not yet used in this way. I love the scent of rosemary and the possible nicknames Romy, Rosie, and Mimi.

    Clover: Spunky and sweet with the nickname Chloe built in. I also like that it has the word 'love' in the middle. Underused and adorable.

    Penelope: Spunky, quirky, historical, Greek! I love all the sweet nicknames; Nellie, Penny, Pippa, Lola, Sweet-Pea... She seems just popular enough to be pronounceable and accepted, just obscure enough to still be unique.

    Corabel: I love the sounds of this name (I knew a Mirabel while growing up, too, and I always loved the sounds and meaning of her name). I have always liked the name Cora but I am not a huge fan of Cordelia, Cornelia, or Coraline. With the popularity of Isabel & Anabelle why not Elizabel, Amabel, Norabel, or Corabel?

    Lyra: She's short but so sweet. I feel like she has a level of sophistication tied into her music and astronomy background.

    Maple: I love trees and nature. Maple works so well as a name because it has such soft sweet sounds. The tree makes maple syrup and has such a fiery beautiful show in fall. I love Mabel, too, but Maple is the clear winner between the two for me.

    The boys:

    Bruno: Bruno is a family name on my SO's side. I love it because of it's strong sound, it's a color name, and it ends in O which is a sound I always have a soft spot for.

    Reuben: My absolute favorite boys name that will never get used because my SO has 100% vetoed it I love everything about it: the history, the sounds, and the nicknames.

    Xavier: A family name on my side that I have always thought was just plain cool. I love the religious ties and the X initial. I like the nickname Xavi, too!

    Ronan: I love the Irish origin and the adorable meaning, "little seal". I just wish I could get my SO completely on board!! He has agreed to letting me keep it on our list for a middle name (but I would put Ronan up front in a heartbeat if it were solely up to me!)

    Abram: I love the history and the nicknames Abe and Bram. I like the shorter Abram more than the stately Abraham, though I am a fan of both. Abram just feels fresher to me and more easily wearable.

    Griffin: This is a sort-of family name for me; it's the name of a man who was very important to my mother and very important in my life both before and after she passed away. I love the touch of mythology that Griffin has with his awesome half-lion half-eagle imagery. The nicknames Griff and Finn are also equally adorable.

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