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    It will be tough to narrow it down to just my top 12, but here are some names that I will always love, but most of them I may never use.

    Alexander: This has been my favorite boy's name ever since I learned about Alexander the Great. Up until quite recently, I was determined to use it at a first name, regardless of the popularity, and use the nn Xander, but then a close friend got engaged to an Alexander who I'm not that fond of, and it sort of ruined it for me. I'm still set on using it for my first son's middle name, regardless of my SO's opinion!

    River: I have always been in love with this name ever since River Phoenix. I still think he had the coolest name of any celebrity I've ever heard, and at one point I actually wanted to name my son River Phoenix. I just think it's a beautiful name and reminds me of a long, flowing river. It's my favorite nature name.

    Miranda: I am also a huge fan of Miranda. It's still on my list, but I know two women named this, one spelled Myranda, and I have such a strong association with them that I don't think I'd use it. I just think it's beautiful, with a great meaning, and love the Shakespeare connection.

    Isabel: I've always loved this name. It's just beautiful and classic, but at the moment is too popular for me to use.

    Lucian: I fell in love with Lucian quite recently. I love the meaning, and love the "loo-shen" pronunciation, but I don't know if I'd use it because it does have two different pronunciations and I think "loo-see-an" sounds too girly. I love the nn potential: Luc, Lou, and Ian.

    Vincent: As in Van Gogh. I'm a huge fan of his work, and also love the song Vincent by Don McLean, which is about him. I would use it in the middle.

    Atticus: Also as a middle name only. I remember watching TKAM with my father when I was very young, and falling in love with Atticus Finch. For me, he's the type of person that I wish everyone could be. Later, when I read the book in 9th grade, I was just as in love with him. They re-released the movie in theaters for the 50th anniversary last year, and I brought my dad to see it. We both cried. I will always have a lasting connection with this name and character, and I would love to use it. It irritates me so much when people call it a "pretentious" name because of how much it means to me.

    Minerva: I love all of the associations I have with this name, including Harry Potter, and I love the meaning.

    Cordelia: This is currently one of my top girl's names, and although I am a huge Buffy and Angel fan, I didn't fall in love with the name until just recently, when I re-watched Buffy with my sister. My love of it has nothing to do with the character, or with the Shakespeare character, because I've never read King Lear. I just think it's beautiful and has several good nicknames, which I also love in a name.

    Phoebe: I think Phoebe is cute and spunky, and I love the meaning. If you can't tell by now, meanings are important to me. I loved Phoebe Caulfield in Catcher in the Rye and Phoebe on Friends.

    Nate: I don't know why I love it so much, but Nate is one of my favorite names. I would use it as a nn, but I don't know if I'd use the longer form of Nathan or Nathaniel because I like them both. I probably wouldn't use it anyway though, because I already used it as a character in a book I wrote with a friend.

    Rose: I love Rose as a first name and middle name. It's just a short, sweet name, and the flower is beautiful. It would also honor my mom. She hates her name (Phyllis Edith) but my dad has always called her Rosey because she has rosie cheeks. So I thought one day that I could use Rose to honor her, and I love it.

    Runner up names: Riley, Rhys/Reese, Adrian, Maddox for boys, and Juliet, Harlow, Indigo, and Ramona for girls.
    Girls: Cordelia, Phoebe, Rose

    Boys: Lucian, Alexander, Liam

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