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    Here are my top twelve. It's quite nice to just list names you love without worrying about creating combos or sibsets. I know that once I use some of these favourites, the others on the list will become unuseable, due to too many 'ee' sounds, etc.

    Sylvie: Love the sound of this name, similar to 'silver'. The meaning 'of the forest' resonates with me.
    Juliet: So romantic, but the nickname 'Jet' makes it quite spunky
    Fern: One syllable evokes a shady, peaceful place. Fern fronds are beautiful in their delicacy and repeated symmetry.
    Rosalind: I love the flow of this name, and its link to science (Rosalind Franklin) makes it sound very smart too me.
    Naomi: Beautiful fluid vowel sounds. Feminine yet strong.
    Isobel: Has to be this particular spelling! I wouldn't use this name now because it (well, mostly variations on this) has become more popular than I would like, but it is still beautiful.

    Barnaby: I love the cheerful and industrious sound of this name, how can you not smile whle saying it! Love the nicknames Barnes and Barney with it too. Laurence: This name is romantic to me, love the nickname 'Laurie'.
    Wolfram: Very unusual name, its meaning refers to both wolves and ravens. A dark, brooding handsome name
    Dashiell: This name sounds intellectual, but I love the nickname Dash, and so it seems fun as well.
    Griffin: Strong name. I like the reference to the half lion-half eagle creature. "Griff" seems like a nice nickname.
    Bruno: this name just seems so strong and handsome to me.

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    Briar - Have loved it since reading Tamora Peirce's Circle of Magic series when I was a kid. It's a nature name, which isn't something I normally go for, but I love it. The princess Briar Rose means that it's stuck in the middle spot, because to me it's all boy, but I just can't see a boy appreciating sharing his name with a princess.
    Kendrew - Enough that I think is stuck in the middle name slot. I first heard it hear on nameberry, and feel in love with it on the spot. I haven't had a lot of positive feedback on the name, but I love it all the same.
    Edmond- Love it and the nickname Ned. It's feels vintage and sweet and makes me think of Narnia and Sir Edmond Hillary, two pretty cool namesake for a little boy.
    Casper - Ghost aside this name i perfect, in my opinion. It's got history and isn't popular but everyone knows it. Plus it sounds cool.
    William- One of the most classic names ever, and still going strong, so I'm hardly the only one to love it. The populartiy worries me, but it's so handsome and honours a lot of men in my family. Love the nickname Wim.
    Ashley - For a boy. It's handsome and sweet, but the fact it's so popular for girls means that it's more of a guilty pleasure than a name I would actually use. For now anyway, who knows what will happen in the future =)
    Rebekah - Rebecca was my first ever name crush. After reading the Beka Cooper series I fell in love with it again, this time with the Rebekah spelling.
    Gwendolen - It's spunky and firey with some cool nicknames, Gwen, Wendy and even Doe which I think is sweet.
    Charity - My ultimate guilty pleasure name. I love it's sound, and the old fashioned imagine it brings to mind. I also love it's meaning even though I'm normally not a fan of virtue names
    Elisabeth - A sweet twist on a complete classic, I love Elisabeth. I love it's countless nicknames, my favourite being Beth. It honours heaps of women in my family, which is just the icing on the cake.
    Ruth - Ruth is sweet and vintage, and I just love it along the (Hunger Games inspired) nickname Rue
    Abigail - It's 10 ten popularity means that I'm not sure if I will ever use it, but I love Abigail. I also love the nickname Gail, despite how that it's dated. I love that it's strong and cheerful.
    Current Favorites:
    Helena, Abigail, Ginny, Edith, Lydia, Rebecca, Miriam
    Briar, Tobiah, Daniel, Callum, Reed, Robert, Abel, Raphael, Nolan

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    THANKS! It was really hard to narrow it down.

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    Isaac: The perfect compromise between Isaiah and Zachary. Familiar enough that people know it but there's not a million little Isaac's running around. Plus it means laughter. What could be better for the son of pranksters?

    James: Handsome and underused even if one did steal my lunch money in grade school. Plus with a bit of imagination I could call him Jiminey after my dad's favorite Disney character.

    Markus: Too many names involving the god of war? Not in this military family. Marcus is a great way to incorporate Martin into a son's name and the "k" is my small attempt at getting Martin to use a "German" name.

    Gabriel: What can I say. This name is epitome of perfection to me. Alas, I will forever be associated to a boy that was taken too soon.

    Simon: Just the right amount of nerdy and Sye/Si/Cy is a great nickname.

    Tate: Curse you American Horror Story! I don't want to always think of the serial killer in the show but I will.

    Blaire: Just the right amount of spunk. Much more tomboyish than Claire but has the same emergence when needed.

    Milena: Exotic but familiar. And I adore the nickname Lena.

    Lilith: The first bad girl. Despite all that she has a great sound and the nickname Lilly.

    Delilah: "Hey there Delilah, what's it like in New York City?" I would love to use Delilah, she's so light and airy. But the whole Sampson thing and the song has OH permanently vetoing her.

    Paige: This name screams tomboy to me. However Paige Baker doesn't seem like a good idea to me.

    Sage: Much girlier than Paige but has the same problem.

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    Leonora - I picture an old soul who's friends with everyone. It sounds so feminine, yet smart and honest.
    Sybil - This name feels very sophisticated and mature to me. I picture a classy, smart girl with this name.
    Alessandra - I picture a worldly girl with cultivated tastes. I love the feminine, exotic sound!
    Frances - I see a spunky, bright girl. I also love the idea of calling her France or Francie.
    Charlotte - I wish this name wasn't so popular! It sounds innocent and charming to me. I picture a sweet, down-to-earth girl.
    Delilah - I 'd use it if it weren't for the biblical connotations. It sounds delicately feminine to me. I picture a sensitive, friendly girl with this name.
    Nathaniel - I also wish this name wasn't so popular! It sounds adorable and has a cool nn (Nate).
    Wendall - Love the maturity of this name. I picture a bright, studious young man with a good head on his shoulders.
    Sebastian - Again, too popular, but I think it sounds cool. I imagine he'd be a lover of the arts and be an interesting conversationalist.
    Rowan - I picture a spunky boy who's well-rounded. I love it's familiar yet unique sound.
    August - Another name I think sounds cool. I can only picture an artsy, smartsy type, who's outgoing and knows a little about everything.
    Calvin - I find this name really quirky and cute! The nn Cal is adorable too

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