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    Marigold nn Maggie? OMG adorable! I almost put 'Maggie on my list'

    sarahmezz- love your list!!!
    Sequoia Orion born November 2014
    Considerations for our next child's name: Cytheria, Caspian, Seraphina, Cyrus, Arcadia, Venture
    Middles: Beatrix, Dwyn, Jupiter, Violet, Zephyr, River, Willow

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    sunshine kid Guest
    Aveline I first heard it in a game, but I love its sound and how it feels spunky and sweet at the same time.
    Susanna I love it meaning, and the fact that it is so underused. It is the only name that makes me feel fuzzy inside whenever I see it on a person, character etc
    Eleanor It just seems so sophisticated, and I don't mind the nicknames Ellie, Nell and Nora
    Freya This has been my favorite for a couple years now,
    Alais I love girl names that end in a 's,' it simply rolls off the tongue. I also love how it connects to my childhood (where I used to live).
    Lydia Pretty and classic. I also don't mind Lydia Bennet after watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries.
    Alasdair I love Scottish names but this is easily my favorite one.
    Ezra Spunky, underused and cool.
    Hugo The 'o' ending and the connection to Hugo Weaving and Victor Hugo.
    Kit I love the 1920s feel to it.
    Alexander "Xan" I cannot help but love Alexander despite the fact that it has remained common for many years now. I love the connection to the Time Machine and Alexander the great.
    Leo I love the 'o' ending, and the small connection to Richard the Lionheart.

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    Here`s my top 12 of boys and girls!(no order)
    Tristan: I have always thought that it was very handsome! A perfect name for a first born!!
    Landon: It goes great with the one above , Tristan. Landon Niall would be so cute!!
    Liam: Perfect boy name!! It`s so popular right now!! I would go with Liam Alexander!
    Atticus:I know it`s very old fashion but love the sound of the name! Atticus Levi is a great name that pops!
    Andrew: I Know it`s so popular and common but love the nn Drew!
    Jax: It`s not really a name and sounds too cool but I think it`s an awesome name!!
    Noah:It`s just a cool name. probably go with Noah Justice.
    Zane: Do you think it`s too cool? I love Zane because it starts with a Z.
    Bentley: I used think it was a stupid name. Then my cousin had a boy and named it Bentley.I still thought it was a stupid name. Now I love it!!(nn Bent)
    Darren: I just love it!! It`s sucha handsome name!! I love the sound of Darren Theodore.
    Griffin: It`s such a sweet, adorable name!! Love the nn Finn!
    Allen: I think it`s a very cool name!! Also it`s my Grandpa`s middle name!!
    Brooklyn: Best girl name ever!!! It`s so beautiful!!! Brooklyn Anne(or mn Ava)would be gorgeous!! nn Brooke is adorable!!
    Paige:I have loved this name since I was like 8. I just think it sounds nice!
    Josie:Cute name. probably go with Josephine Agneta.(Agneta is my greay grandmother`s name. It`s so gorgeous)
    Maisie:I know the spelling isn`t normal, but this is my favorite spelling!
    Riley: I would definitely use it as a girl`s name. It`s so cute!! I would use Riley Addison!
    Alexis: Love the nn Lexi!!
    Evelyn:When I was in the 5th grade,the girl who sat next to me was named Evelyn. I instantly fell in love with the
    Skylar:Always thought it was an adorable name!!
    Stacey: This a name I would definitely use. It`s such a sweet innocent name!! but my family hates it!!
    Kyra: I love the sound!!
    Bridget:I`ve always thought it`s a beautiful name!! Bridget Seraphine is the best!!
    Robyn: I have never really liked the spelling, Robin. I think Robyn is fresh and fun!!
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    I am delighted to see that somebody else appreciates Marlowe! From your list I also quite like Eloise, Jane, Iris & Benjamin.

    A lot of my favourites have become popular but I loved them ever since I can remember and too much to give up on because of their popularity..

    Amelia, Alice, Annabelle, Ayla, Clara, Claudia, Colette, Daisy, Elodie, Eleanor, Imogen, Isla, Jemima, Lola, Marlow, Mischa, Oona, Sophia.

    Beau, Benjamin, Charles/Charlie, Claude, Edward, Felix, Hayden, Keiran, Kirk, Miles, Oliver, Riley, Samson, Walter, William.

    Best Wishes x

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    Zoe - has been my favorite since forever. I don't think I'll be able to use it, but all I see is a wild curly haired girl running down a hill or swinging on a swing (hence the avatar)

    Noemi- it was my fiances favorite, but I've loved it a long time. I see a chubby cheeked little girl with a beautiful gentle spirit.

    Milena- my out of nowhere new favorite. I love the way it sounds and I see this beautiful and sophisticated young woman making her way in the world. But I'd call her Leni as a little girl. My little ballerina.

    Alina- it doesn't work with my fiances last name too well, but I think I'm going to use it as a middle, and not care about the flow. I knew an Alina who was just the epitome of what I think a woman should be and have loved the name ever since.

    Lucas- oh I know how popular it is. But I cannot give it up. I see a strong handsome boy with a geeky streak. And hipster glasses. Lol

    Isaac- the meaning is what sold me. Laughter. We all need to laugh more, and the sounds of children's laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

    Emmanuel- it's my beloved's name so I'm a little biased.

    Elias- love the sound and the meaning.

    And writing all this out, I've realized I like the long vowel sounds in names. They all feature a prominent vowel sound. Hmmmmm
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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