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    Daisy - love, love, love Daisy! Daisy, Daisy, Daisy. maybe even nn Dizzy.
    Aliya - nn Lia, and such a pretty name!
    Hugo - from the movie Hugo
    Aria - Historic sound, but strong and feminine
    Scarlett - mysterious
    Summer - I love the summer
    Krista - So pretty
    Adelia - Addie, or Lia
    Christina - really only like it so I can use nn Krista
    Ephraim - nn Free
    Stella - so fun
    Vesper - has personal meaning
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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    There have been so many amazing names listed, I couldn't resist coming back for Round 2!
    Yay, we can do one more round! It was so difficult choosing only twelve, so here is my second dozen most beloved names:

    Aradia - Tuscan awesome Goddess witch, daughter of Diana and Lucifer. Her mythology and cult is really interesting. It reminds me very much of Arcadia (another favourite), but it's less arcade-ish. I love saying it, it sounds very noble and powerful.

    Auberon - the King of the Faeries. Need I say more? It's deliciously lush and deep green, magical and overpoweringly sexy. I can easily imagine it on everything from a little boy to an old man. I don't know if I could give the name to a child, though, might be too alluring...

    Beltane - the Pagan May-day festival. I know it's kind of corny, but the name is beautiful and evocative, and I love saying it. Beltane. Romantic, haunting and sweet.

    Eos - The Goddess of the Dawn. I've been in love with this name for forever, it's so soft and sweet, and I love a short beautiful one. O is one of my favourite sounds, and in this name it's really done justice. There's a gorgeous painting by Herbert James Draper called The Gates of Dawn.

    Hecate - a moon, underworld and magic Goddess. The name is magical, powerful and a striking beauty.

    Jezebel - one of the best women in the bible. Courageous, independent and beautiful. As is the name, it's both strange and familiar at the same time.

    Leverett - I love rabbits, bunnies and hares; leverett is the baby hare. Animal names rock, and this one even sounds like a name, so I don't see why it isn't used. I love how happy it sounds, and how it jumps off the tongue.

    Ostara - another Pagan festival, and a Goddess of spring. It's beautiful and I envision starry skies in a beautiful green forest.

    Ourania - probably not useable, but how lovely it is. The muse of astronomy, and the word means heavenly. It's a gorgeous and epic name, and I do love the muses.

    Persephone - one of my longest name loves. My father loved Cocteau Twins when I was little, and they have a song called Persephone. I've loved the name ever since (I was about three when I heard it the first time). It only got better when I became a little older and started loving mythology, and learned about the most awesome Goddess. The myth of Persephone has always been very close to me, and is of great personal significance. If only my boyfriend could come around to this name...

    Perseus - a beautiful name, and the stories of Perseus are amazing. It's such a blue and stormy name, I just love it!

    Robin - another long time love. I grew up madly in love with Robin Hood, all versions (except that terrible newest one) of this story has drawn me in. Robin is also the sweetest bird, I love their red little bodies and the way they tilt their heads. As a name, Robin is simply deliciously sweet, cute and warm.
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    What a lovely thread (and what a great blog post too), it's so much fun hearing everyone's favourite names and the reasons behind.

    Amaury: My ultimate favourite boys name. I've been absolutely in love with it from the very moment I saw/heard it. I think it's such a genuinely beautiful name, it looks so stunning and the sound of it is so wonderful.

    Ingrid: My favourite girls name. One of the wisest women I've ever been lucky enough to meet (though only for a few seconds) had this gorgeous name and she has made me love the name forever. Queen Ingrid of Denmark is, in my opinion, the epitome of what a great namesake should be, and I would be so proud to name my daughter after her (and Ingrid Bergman who was equally as amazing a woman and one of my favourite actresses). I do, though, prefer the Scandinavian pronunciations over the English pronunciation.

    Archibald: Though I do know this name has 'DATED' marked all over it, I think it's one of the most classy name in the world. It was Cary Grant's birth name, so I guess a lot of his elegance reflects in the way I think of the name. Cary, like Ingrid, was one of my favourite actors and that definitely plays in too. The nickname Archie is also incredibly adorable.

    Anna: Beautiful and refined name. Personally, it has a lot of meaning to me because there have been several Anne/Anna's in my family (mum, great-aunt, great-great-aunt etc.). Not that I'm usually all about the family names, I do think that it's a lovely name and I could definitely see myself using it in the future.

    Asa: It's so short, yet so strong and powerful. I have no fancy story behind loving the name (usually I prefer names with some history behind), I just really love this name.

    Maude: For the first real Queen of England (though she was never crowned), the lovely Empress Matilda/Maude (apparently, Matilda is the latin form of Maude). To me, Matilda was the epitome of a good, brave and wise woman. She fought for her and her sons right to the throne, though the church was against her because she was a woman. Maude Varnæs is also my favourite character from the legendary Danish television series Matador.

    Henry: Surprisingly this has made the cut, or I don't know if it's surprising, I've always liked it but my love for it has grown very strong lately. Henry IV of France (or Henri le Grand/Henry the Great) is one of my all-time favourite Kings; he was intelligent and he genuinely cared for his people (unlike most Kings of his time). Henry's also just an incredibly nice-sounding name.

    Sága: My favourite name from the Norse mythology. Sága was (believed to be) the goddess of runes, history and poetry. As I strongly plan to move away from Denmark when I've finished studying, I think Sága would be a nice tribute to my heritage.

    Theo: This is one of my absolutely favourite middle names. I generally just like the sound of it, but I also tell myself that it (though it's a nickname of another form (Theodore) of the name) can honour my favourite author, Fyodor Dostoevsky.

    Rhaenys: After A Song of Ice and Fire's Rhaenys Targaryen (aka. (along with her sister) the fiercest fictional character in the world). Together with her brother/husband, Aegon (the Conqueror), and her sister, Visenya, Queen Rhaenys conquered the Seven Kingdoms on her dragon Meraxes. She was Aegon's favourite sister/wife,

    Hugo: I've absolutely loved this name ever since I read The Invention of Hugo Cabret (and I'm still absolutely awestruck by that book). Overall, I just think it's a beautiful and adorable name. I prefer it as a middle.

    Alatáriel: The Elvish name of Galadriel. Alatáriel is Telerin for "Maiden crowned with a garland of radiance", and was Galadriel's epessë (or after-name, a third name acquired in adulthood as per tradition of the elves). Basically, Galadriel is my favourite of Tolkien's characters, and though I love the name Galadriel, I think it might be too much of an obvious Tolkien name. Alatáriel is my favourite of her other three names (the other two are Artanis and Nerwen).

    Honorary mentions: Mithrandir, Adelin, Charles, James, Illyrio, Felix, Bertil, Jaehaerys, Asger, Alexander; and Valinor, Aliena, Visenya, Matilda, Philippa, Juno, Embla, Meera, Alexandria, Olga.
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    Round 2!

    Anastasia - Gorgeous name of my great-grandmother (who preferred to be called Nancy for some inexplicable reason). I love the meaning of "resurrection".

    Dominic - I already explained my love of Nick when I talked about Nicholas, but Dominic was also the middle name of my grandfather.

    Seraphina - Soft, angelic, and one of the most beautiful names ever IMO! I'm a fan of the "ph" as well.

    Oliver - I like the "gentlemanly" feel of this one, and it has a "v".

    Ophelia - I don't care that she goes a little crazy in Hamlet. Ophelia is still a stunning name. (And, like Daphne and Seraphina, it has a "ph".)

    Crispin - The most unusual boys' name on my Top 10 list, I think it's a fresh alternative to Christopher, which is my DH's middle name.

    Felicity - It means "happiness"! What better meaning is there? I also love how it just rolls off the tongue.

    Gregory - This is a newer name on my list, but it feels very lush and velvet-y to me. And ever since I discovered the nickname Rory for it, I've fallen in love with Gregory even more!

    Miranda - Love the Shakespeare connection and the subtle mysterious vibe it gives off to me.

    Joshua - A boy named Joshua was one of my first crushes. My feelings for him faded, but not my love for his name.

    Gwendolyn - Love the nickname Gwen, but the full Gwendolyn is even prettier.

    Casper - As much as I love our top boy combo, William Balthazar, a part of me mourns the fact that using Balthazar means that I won't be able to use Casper, since they're two of the Three Wise Men. But, I still do love Casper!
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    Canaan: I'm not a particularly religious person, but I love this name. The promised land. It just sounds strong to me

    Ian: I love the way this name sounds. Short, masculine, familiar, but unique. Means the Lord is gracious.

    Reef: this name makes me think of the sea..

    Jude Thaddeus: I wasn't too keen on this name when it was first suggested to me, but now I adore it....and I love the connection to the patron saint of lost causes and the children's hospital

    Daniel: My favorite boy's name. I don't know why...even the first stuffed animal I ever named by myself (i was about 3, i think) was named Daniel

    Calandra: my favorite girl's name. I saw this name in a book when I was about 10 years old. It means "lovely one". Unfortunately a family member already has a daughter named Kalie so I cannot use it now

    Dagny: I know some people are not in love with this name, but I immediately think of Ayn Rand's Dagny Taggert....strong sophisticated independent....but in another way I see my version of Dagny as a sweet flower-child...a good yin and yang of whatever she decides to be. Dagny means "new day" which is also very beautiful

    Phoebe: fun quirky yet classic and not popular in the US

    Mara: a family name for me, but also is Irish for the sea

    Saba: Arabic for morning. It just sounds beautiful to me

    Love: because that is what I will feel when I see my daughter for this first time

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