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Thread: Taken Aback!

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    Cora, Ivy and Liam works really well.
    But so does Cora, Ivy and Rhett.

    And Liam Parker and Rhett Parker are both great names.

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    Liam Parker is fine. It's not really my personal style, but I can appreciate it. I do prefer William (perhaps with the NN of Liam) to Liam though. William Parker would be cool. I think I prefer Rhett to Liam (though I also like some of the longer versions (i.e. Everett) with Rhett as a NN), but both would be fine. And, by the way, if you end up going with Callen, I think Thomas would be an excellent middle name option. I like Thomas a lot (and quite a bit more than Parker with any of your first name choices, except for Rhett, Thomas wouldn't work with that).
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