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Thread: Taken Aback!

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    I like Liam Parker and Merrick Thomas.

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    I was about to respond to your other thread until I saw this

    Liam Parker is very nice but I'm more drawn to your other combos since they're more unique. Not a fan of Callen, but Rhett, Merrick, and Maccoy are great. Merrick & Maccoy are my favorites. Merrick Thomas, nn Rhett gives you two for one. I love the name Coy and the look of Maccoy is growing on me. Merrick and Maccoy are handsome and have a relaxed, cowboy feel so they'll age well. Merrick also feels a bit beachy for some reason, so I'm leaning more towards it

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    casilayne Guest
    I adore Liam Parker!

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    Liam Parker is awesome!
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    Liam Parker is perfect for you!

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