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Thread: Taken Aback!

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    Taken Aback!

    So so excited and very surprised! We have been struggling to find both a first and middle name that my husband and I both really love. But tonight he said he really loved Liam Parker. It turns out he has a great grandfather on his moms side that was named William Parker, so it is a family name too! I am so exited about it!!! Our girls names are

    Cora Louisa
    Ivy Lucille

    Other boys names that are under consideration....

    Rhett Maverick
    Merrick Thomas
    Maccoy Thomas
    Callen (still no middle name found for this one

    What do you think!?

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    Callen Parker?

    I'm actually not crazy about Liam or Parker with the other names you like. Rhett, Maverick, Merrick, and Maccoy all have a cowboy/Western air to them, and Liam and Parker don't.

    Merrick Thomas is my favorite name from your list.

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    I think is sounds great! I like all your choices except McCoy.

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    I think Liam Parker sounds great! I really like Merrick Thomas and Rhett Maverick, too.

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    Liam Parker is a winner to me! That's awesome that it has family connections as well!

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