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    My girls list is...

    officially out of control and all over the place. Berries have been super helpful but still have not find the right name. I just want to fall in love with a name but so far that has not happened. So here is my longer list now, let me know what you think and any other combos/suggestions would be greatly appreciate. I do not want my child to have a name where they may have another one in her class etc. but obviously the name needs to be function. If society allowed it I would definitely pick something on the wild side.

    Ruby Poet
    Aurora Orchid
    September Rose
    Tulip Isobel
    Winter Rose
    Stella Bleu- may be too popular but I do like Bleu as a filler
    Starling Rose
    Honor Ruby
    Honor Rose
    Honor Sinclair
    Adele Monroe
    Birdie Rose
    Birdie Bleu
    Ivy Jane-not sure how I feel about this but boyfriend does like Ivy.
    Chloe Peach

    Middles I like are kind of fun and quirky I guess? Rose and Bleu definitely, but I like having something out there as a middle to set a certain vibe for the name.

    Any new suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hoping to have a little Ragazzo or Ragazza soon.

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