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    A sibling for Bay... help needed!

    Hello All!

    Baby#2 due mid March and we are having trouble with girls names in particular.
    We already have a daughter named Bay.
    We love this name, to us it is short but sweet, calm but strong and suits her to a tee.

    If baby#2 is a boy he will probably be called either Arlo, Mac (family name), Felix or Shem.

    But I have a gut feeling it's another girl and we can't seem to agree on any names that we love as much as Bay
    Here is our list so far along with the reason I don't think it's THE ONE:

    Ever- We both really like this and I think it sounds lovely with Bay but our surname is Abbet and with the R-ending the names said together sounds too much like Rabbit?

    Thora- my Husband loves this as his Great grandmothers name and I want to love it but sounds a bit too daggy to me.

    Fia- we both like this but have a neice called Leah who we see quite often and rhyming names not ideal

    Seren- this is growing on me, I think it sounds nice next to Bay, just not sure it is 'pretty' enough

    Arlie- my husbands favourite. I do like it a lot but a bit put off as it sounds a bit insubstantial and made up?

    Noa- I love this for a girl but here in Australia think it would just be mistaken for feminised version of Noah and we actually have a few friends with little boys called Noah who would probably be a bit weirded out if we used this name. Hubby not keen anyway

    Cameo- I'd use this in a heartbeat, husband says NO

    Posy- husband says NO WAY sounds like Poser

    Zanna- I love this name which was just used by a friend of a friend

    Calla- both quite like this but not sure if the A ending sounds too great with our A surname

    Shalom- I love, another NO from husband

    Isla- really like this name but already know a few of these plus our next door neighbours baby

    Willow- my husband really likes but way too corny to have two tree names!

    Aster- another one of my favourites I have let go because it sounds werid with our surname (+ the rabbit thing again!)

    Soo... would love to hear any thoughts on our list so far, or based on the above names would be grateful for any new suggestions!!

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    1. Noa
    2. Willow
    3. Shalom ( I would work on the husband on this one it's GORGEOUS)

    What about River. I love it for a girl and I think it complements Bay well

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    I agree, Arlie sounds incomplete to me. I like the suggestion of River, but there's the rabbit problem again.

    Have you thought of:

    Matilda "Tilly" or "Till"

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    Thanks for replies so far!

    lori johnson- thanks for the congrats, we are so excited and feel very lucky. Of your suggestions my faves are North and Lark, however I'd be more inclined to use these for a boy. I think Arbor might be going a bit strong on the tree theme and Dune also a bit too 'coastal' alongside Bay?

    Dillonsfan01- thanks for ranking your top 3 from my list. You've motivated me to try a bit harder to warm DH towards Shalom, as I think it's gorgeous too.. His criticism of it is that it sounds like schlong.. Which is Aussie slang for male appendage..
    River is a nice name but I think it is a bit corny to have a Bay and a River..

    coolcat33- Im really loving Tilly and Cleo! We did have a dog called Cleo when we were growing up but she is long gone.. Also like Aspen, though my cousin has little boy with this name.. Not so keen on Bryony or Laurel

    So... I guess maybe what I'm after is some non-nature (or only very subtly nature) suggestions...?

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    Bay and Cleo are great together! Of your originals, I love Aster, but youre right about "Rabbit"


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