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    I think it'd make a cool NN option, but yeah, I don't think I'd use it as a stand-alone first name (maybe as a MN it'd be fine though). Lionel NN Lion would be pretty stellar (and there are so many other lion related names to choose from too, seems unnecessary to go with Lion by itself).

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    I love Leo to much to bother with Lion.
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    I know a Tiger. Lion is just as usable!

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    It just seems like a LOT to burden a kid with. I know, there's a way to make fun of every name, but Lion seems especially ripe for teasing. I'm in the Leo, Lev, Lionel camp. Those are all great choices.
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    Yes BUT only as Simba or Aslan [both mean lion]. Also only for girls. I recently saw a boy named Lyon.
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