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    i think Lion is a great name. you have so many people running around named Leo or Leon or Lionel.. why would Lion be "too out there"?

    side note: Ari means Lion in Hebrew and Ariel means Lion of God. just adding to the collection

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I actually love Lion. Someone pointed out that it sounds a lot like "lyin'", though, so no, I wouldn't use it on its own, but I do really love it. My mom started this cute thing where she has little animal nicknames for all of her children, and I'd like to continue it for my own kids. Depending on personality and such, I'd love to be able to call a future son "my brave little lion" (although I think I'd probably have a "little bear" first!). I love the idea of Lion as a nn, and I think Leonidas, Lionel, Leopold, Lev, Leonard/Leonardo/etc. are great for a full name. And if Lion is something he doesn't love when he can make up his mind, then he always has Leo (or a plethora of other nns) to choose from.

    Good luck!
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    I would only ever use Leon.

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    I would use Leon or Lionel.

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    While lions are very beautiful and cool animals (stay at home dads!), I have never been to fond of the English word for them. Lion is so tame. Leo is sweet, I adore Spanish Leon and Danish/Norwegian Løve. Leonidas and Lionel can be called Lion.
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