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    Rickie for a Baby Girl

    I really love the nickname Rickie for a girl, but I need a cute Name for it. The middle name is to be Shea, pronounced Shay. Any ideas? Please help....

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    Erica or Frederica maybe? I'm not coming up with anything creative. Veronica maybe?
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    That's cute! How about:

    Erica Shea
    Lyric Shea
    Frederika Shea
    Patricia Shea
    Derika Shea
    Didrika Shea
    Paprika Shea
    Ricara Shea
    Harika Shea
    Ruriko Shea
    Yuriko Shea
    Henrika Shea
    Karika Shea
    Mayurika Shea

    Some are these choices are more foreign names, but ultimately usable and not outrageous. You could also probably take any R name and use Rickie as a nickname, but if you'd rather make it more obvious then that's up to you.

    Hope that helped!
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    How about Rebecca? I know people named Rebecca/Rivka who go by Rickie (usually spelled Ricki, Rikki, Riki). And the name itself can be spelled Rebekah, Rebeckah, etc.

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