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    Quote Originally Posted by mbrow222 View Post
    Guilty Pleasures are names that I love that I can't picture an actual child having, or learning how to spell. They usually (for me) exist in the ancient or literary world only.

    GP: Lavinia, Ambrosia, Artemis, Vesper,
    PS> Is Rosalie still too associated with Twilight?
    I don't think so personally, she wasn't even a main character...
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    some current name combo favorites:
    Thisbe Pearl.Alcina Blythe.Amity Sela.Idony Fern.Dahlia Genevieve.Muireann Audrey
    Jasper Knox.Auden Thierry.Theron Oak.Roman August.Dashiell Gray.Eryx Sebastien.
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    I always wonder what the definition of guilty pleasure is. I guess it is not specific....each to his own, eh. I kind of have three (actually four) different guilty pleasure lists, all most all of my GPs are word names. Some completely unusable, and some I'd consider.
    One would mostly be unusual word names no one would think usable. (But I'd still be tempted to use them in the middle.) Think Canada, Unite, Adrenaline.....
    Then, there are those ones with unusable meanings or associations. I am attracted to violent and dangerous names for some reason, like Rifle, Calibre, Fiery, Flame... These are names I could probably never use.
    Last, there are the words that are too insignificant or wimpy. Whisper, Flicker..... I also don't think I could use these.

    Oh, and unisex names. Especially more traditionally girls names for boys. Some of those would be guilty pleasure. Like May, Gem, Diamond, Taryn, Harper, Cadence, Honour, Clover, Eden. Again, many word names. A lot of these I would consider using paired with more masculine names.

    On a different note, @shvibziks, I am intrigued by the name Adelin. I have considered Adelyn for a boy before, so this name caught my eye.
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    Shivziks: Hooray! Thanks for the historical tidbits. Are all Danish girls as royal-obsessed as you? I want to know what you've been reading, you interesting young person. Happy to hear that Ingrid won't be hidden out of sight in your Anna combo. The Dagmar Xenia Alexandra connection is neat. My mom is an Alexandra. I thought about using Xenia at one point to honor her (because of the X) and this gives that concept a little extra substance. I'd love to use Dagmar Xenia, but my husband tends to prefer humbler names. I'm going to keep it in my back pocket anyway.
    I know an Amaury. He's Dominican. Prefers to be called Henry, but sometimes I slip up, because it's such an irresistible name.

    Geeknamesyo: Love it. Tinamou could be a pet-name for a Bettina, Faustina or Christina...

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    My TGP and TUN are currently the same. lol. Usually I'd consider GP's names I wouldn't ever use either because they are culturally inappropriate, don't translate well into one of our three languages, are just too out there or are just OTT.

    Both work really well in English but being German-American and my SO being fluent in Spanish certain names are just a no-go.
    Boys: Jasper and Casper. Jasper looses all it's charm in German and Spanish (Yahs-pear and Has-per instead of JAS-pər/Jazz-per) and Casper/Kasper is just culturally too silly for me in German - Kasperletheater is akin to the childrens version of Judy & Punch.

    Girls: Lorelei. in the German language it's almost akin to naming your child Siren. (I might still use it though, I love it soo much).

    My all time GP is Lucifer. 'nuff said.

    And apparently I was digging the work akin in this post. te-hihihihi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emmabobemma View Post
    I know an Amaury. He's Dominican. Prefers to be called Henry, but sometimes I slip up, because it's such an irresistible name.
    Amaury is quite common among Dominicans. I know a number of them. It's really pretty in Spanish but still gives off a manly vibe.

    My own GP - Brisa. I love it. Love love love it. But the fiancé just laughed at me and said he was not naming a future child Breeze.
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