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    Has your naming style ever changed?

    I have always ALWAYS been a firm believer in traditional spellings, names with history, and keeping "in gender" with names. But after recent events and trying to honor a family member, I find myself breaking my own rules and throwing them out the window. I never imagined I'd be arguing with myself over the 7-8 different ways I like "Rylinn, Rylan, Rilynn, Rilyn," etc because it's not even a traditional name. I'm way more interested in honoring my family than how others will perceive this name as "kreative" or whatever. It has meaning to us, and that's what should count when naming a baby right?

    I've generally got more relaxed about a lot of things after the loss of my brother, but I didn't expect this one Have you guys ever had anything happen or just decided one day to throw the rules out the window?

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    Yes. More than I would admit.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    When I was in High school in the late 90s/early 2000s I thought that I would name daughters Paisley & Chloe or something like that...names that were so unique in my opinion. They didn't have the image that they have now. At that time I was all about really unique names. I probably would've thrown a random Y into something to make it 'different'. Now I like more classic names, meaningful names, I still don't go for super popular, but I don't care quite as much about never meeting another kid with my kid's name!

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