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    What do you guys think about...

    What do you guys think about the name Margaux. Yes spelled that way.
    I have always hated Margaret, Margot, Margo, Marguerite, etc. If it started with Marg, I hated it. I have a best friend named Margaret and I still hated it. But then I read "All Summer In A Day" by Ray Bradbury (which I was surprised that I loved because I hated Fahrenheit 451) and the main character's name was Margot. I fell in love with it. But every time I see Margot, it looks to me like Mar-got(like forgot), and I just can't do it, so I was really happy to find the Margaux spelling.
    Anyway... What do you think about Margaux spelling? Any combos? Any suggestions that match my naming style (see signature), sibsets?
    Are there any other names that you love the alternative spelling for, but other people hate? ex Twila vs Twyla, Sylvia vs Silvia, Kayley vs Kaylee...
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    I've always liked this spelling, but one day I showed a friend my list and she saw my one combo, Amaryllis Jade Margaux, and was like "how do you say THAT?" and I told her and she was like "Oh!". So pronunciation might get dicey. But I think it's edgier and pretty neat. It does complicate the name, though.

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    I adore the name Margaux!! I think its a very familiar name, at least where I have lived, yet not overused. I think Margaux goes very well with most of the names you like!!! Great name =)

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    I love the spelling of Margeaux!! I think it's a lot more fun than plain Margot and- this might be weird- but it makes me happy to look at. I always think of the German countryside when I hear Margeaux. Note: Anne Frank's sister who also died in a camp was named Margot, so it's a different spelling but sounds the same, just for you to be aware of the negative connotations that go with the 'Margeaux' sound. Margeaux spelling reminds me of Beatrix vs. Beatrice, which makes a huge difference in the name and person, as I think Margeaux does. Anyway, I love it and it sounds brilliant with most of your names, which I also love. I'm always happy to find a fellow teenberry on here
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    I always prefer Margaux spelling too. lol. Margot makes me think about maggot (sorry if there is anyone with this name). I like Margo too, but not more than Margaux.
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