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    Faye for middle or first name?!?!

    I love the name Faye, I would love to use it as a first name but can't think of a middle name I love. Last name is chapman. Suggestions?! Would it be better to pick a different first name anduse Faye for a MN?

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    I love Faye! LOve it with your surname. Of course it's great in the middle spot, but it shines enough to be in the fn spot imo

    Faye Beatrice
    Faye Bernadette
    Faye Camille
    Faye Diana
    Faye Thais
    Faye Therese
    Faye Emiline
    Faye Corinne
    Faye Margaret
    Faye Magnolia
    Faye Rosemary
    Faye Wilhelmina
    Faye Winifred

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    What about:

    Faye Josephine
    Faye Eloise
    Faye Charlotte
    Faye Allison
    Faye Elizabeth
    Faye Alexandra
    Faye Mackenzie

    I think if you use Faye as a first name you should use a longer middle name. It flows better

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    I think Faye Chapman is gorgeous! As long as you pair it with a longer middle name, you can't go wrong. I first think of:

    Faye Aurelia
    Faye Sienna
    Faye Victoria
    Faye Brigita
    Faye Isabella
    Faye Rebekah
    Faye Giselle
    Faye Penelope
    Faye Katherine
    Faye Juniper

    And you might be able to pull of a smaller mn like:
    Faye Lola Chapman
    Faye Aria Chapman
    Faye Hannah Chapman
    Faye Monroe Chapman
    Faye Clea Chapman

    Happy hunting for the perfect middle name for the beautiful name Faye!
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