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    Question Roseanne

    I’m seriously considering Roseanne for a girl, as my mom’s name is Suzanne, my mother-in-law’s name is Romeline, and I love the nickname ‘Rose’ (plus, I for one, LOVE Roseanne Barr! She rocks! And so does Roseanne Conner. She’s real) Am I crazy? Is this just an out-dated appellation that often invokes cringes from the Barr/Conner association, or could it be a gem hiding in the not-so-distant past for revival as a true individual (at least, individual under 50)?
    -an Amelia from a time before 'Amelia' was in the top 100.

    Currently feeling:*Roseanne Amelia* or *Kamal Clifford*

    Girls: Rose, Juliet, Roseanne
    Boys: Beres, Kamal

    TTC Fall 2013!

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