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    33 41.77%
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    46 58.23%
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    I like Phoebe better. Even though Clementine is cute, I wouldn't want to be named after a little fruit. You know?
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    Oh no, I accidentally hit Phoebe. I can't stand that name. It sounds eternally childish.

    If I had a Clementine, I'd call her Cleo

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    I agree with nat108, Phoebe does sound very childish to me. Also Phoebe's such a perky name that I can't imagine it on someone who turns out to be a pessimist.
    At first my problem with Clementine was the nicknames- I hate Clem and Clemmy- but then when I heard Minnie, Emmi, Min I started to like the name a lot more.
    Also Clementine makes me think of the little girl from the Walking Dead game, who is completely adorable. If you can't picture Clementine on a little kid, look up the game.

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