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    33 41.77%
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    I did not vote, I'm too torn.
    I have Clemency on my list and for months I'm in dilemma of whether I should choose it or Clementine. I would use the nn Clea/Lea since I'm not sure I like Clem, but then I'm also not sure any Clemency/Clementine can avoid Clem as nn. Other possible nn are Minnie or Tina, I think. On the other hand, I love Phoebe nn Bee!
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    Two of my top 10 names! Phoebe's a more recent love of mine, and Clementine I've loved for years. I see Phoebe as being slightly more wearable and kind of...perky? Clementine, though, is so beautiful and charming, and personally I love the nicknames Clem, Cleo, Minnie, Minty, Emmy, Clemence... so I find it really hard to say which one I prefer! Sorry I'm not much help, they are both gorgeous names!

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    Phoebe is the more conservative choice of the two but Clementine is such a fun name. It gives off vibes of freedom and frivolity.

    The nn of Emmy is cute too.

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    I love Clementine but i've never really liked Phoebe. My favourite Clementine nn is Minnie, so cute!
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    I really love Phoebe, it is on my list. I don't quite know why, but I really, really dislike Clementine. It just doesn't sit well with me and I can't imagine a little Clementine (or a grown up one for that matter). Sorry if that sounds rude, I don't mean it to!
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