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  • Clementine

    33 41.77%
  • Phoebe

    46 58.23%
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    Oh that's a difficult choice. I love both of them! In the end I voted for Phoebe as it has so many wonderful connections and some that are personal for me. Clementine is fantastic though and I would love to meet one!

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    I chose Clementine over Phoebe, my favorite nn for Clementine is Emme I think it's so cute! Some of the pp have given some other great options, Kit, Minty & Minnie are also adorable
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    I would chose Phoebe over Clementine. I think Phoebe is a much nicer name. Clementine makes me think of the fruit. This is not a horrible association by any means, but it's not one that I like either.

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    Phoebe most definitely!!! There are no good nicknames for Clementine

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    I really like Phoebe. I would use it even if it were popular nearby.

    How does one get Kit from Clementine? I like the nickname, but can't see the connection. And, even though it's commonly used as a name, I couldn't name my child after a fruit.
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