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    Clementine or Phoebe

    Hi all,

    I love both Clementine and Phoebe, however I have a problem with both names. The lack of good nicknames for Clementine. I love the fact that I can get Bee from Phoebe however I'm from Ireland and although Phoebe is not at all common here it is very popular in England (approx. number 30 in 2011) I know it may seem mad that I am fussing over the popularity of a name in another country but it is very near!! Clementine on the other hand is nearly unheard of in Ireland, and not widely used in England!

    So, which would you choose and why?

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    I really love Phoebe. It's a beautiful name and probably the one that I would choose. But Clementine is really lovely and I do think there are some nn options:Kit, Tyna (tie-nuh), Minnie, so if you love it, I wouldn't stray because of them--nicknames will come organically as well, so I wouldn't stress over that too much.
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    Oh I LOVE the suggestion of Kit as a nn for Clementine!

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    I think there are some great nicknames for Clementine. Clem, Clemmy, Minnie, Tinnie, Minty, Tiny, Emy, the list goes on!
    Phoebe is also lovely, but if the popularity is a concern, Clementine is a fantastic alternative.
    I don't think you can go wrong with either honestly.
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    That is why I dislike Clementine. I do not like Clem or Clemmie. ugh Maybe Min? I think Min is adorable.
    Phoebe is cute! Who cares if it is super popular in another country. My vote is for Phoebe.

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