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    New names to consider!

    So, after perusing people's various posts here, I found a few more boys names I love and then got DH to approve/nix from my list. Here's our old list combined with the new names:

    Max (if we went with Max, we would want to use it as a nickname. Neither of us like Maxwell, thoughts on Maximilian? Any others that come to mind?)
    Sebastian (DH is on the edge about this one, so not totally sure if I'll get to use it)
    Wren (I'm on the edge about this one, DH loves it)

    Jonah, Evan, Julian, Gideon & Max are our top choices right now, I think. What do you all think? Any combo suggestions or additional names you can think of?

    Oh, siblings will be Charles Jasper (goes by Jasper), Francis Eli (goes by Frankie) & Annabeth Clare. Thanks

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