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    Opinions on these name combos please xx

    Please can I have your opinions on these name combos and possibly pick your top 3-5 . Thank you in advance

    Margot Lillian Gwyneth
    Cordelia Lillian Pearl
    Magnolia Gwyneth Pearl
    Margot Cecily Joyce
    Penelope Joyce Lenore
    Cordelia Cecily Pearl
    Beatrice Leonora Joyce
    Eleanora Primrose Joyce
    Lillian Gwyneth Pearl

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    These three are my favourites:
    Cordelia Cecily Pearl - I think this would be even prettier if you switched Pearl to Joyce. Cordelia Cecily Joyce would be quite breathtaking.
    Lillian Gwyneth Pearl - Beautiful and vintage, but Gwyneth in the middle makes it quirky and interesting.
    Beatrice Leonora Joyce - Lovely and very sweet. Makes me think of tea parties!
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    Margot Cecily Joyce- This is by far my favorite. It flows the best, and has so much pep. A very sunshine-y name
    Lillian Gwyneth Pearl- Beautiful, and a bit more serious.
    Penelope Joyce Lenore- I'm not crazy about Lenore, but Penelope Joyce is adorable.
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    Oh, lovely choices!

    My favourites would be.....


    With Primrose or Pearl as middle names!

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    I like Margot Cecily Beatrice.

    That's only names I like.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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