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    Laurel - Love it.
    Hermione - I love this name, but you have to be prepared for HP references. It's still beautiful and usable, in my opinion.
    Pallas - Never heard of it before, and it does look close to palace...
    Lilith - Lovely and a good alternative to Lily.
    Joss - Okay, but to me it's more like a nickname for Jocelyn.
    Hester - Immediately makes me think of The Scarlet Letter, but it's usable. It could make a comeback, what with Edith and Agatha rising in stats. Personally though, I prefer Esther.
    Joan - Nice and unexpected, though not my favourite.
    Lorelei or Lorelai - Well, I speak German and have lived in Germany, so it's a bit weird to me. I definitely associate it with the Heinrich Heine poem, the sirens, the Rhein.... It has a pretty sound though, if you can get past the association, but if you do have German relatives they'll think it's kind of weird for someone's name.
    Virginia - I like it but would be wary of the virgin connection.
    Artemis - Totally a guilty pleasure of mine. I think it's lovely.
    Doris, Dora, or Dolores - Dora is pretty, not a fan of Doris, and I can never get past the fact that Dolores means pains or sorrows in Spanish.
    Blanche - Okay
    Claudette - I like it but prefer Claudia.
    Britta - Pretty, but makes me think of water filters.
    Sybil - Love it.
    Buffy - Definitely makes me think of the Vampire Slayer. In the original movie, I think Buffy was chosen because it gave the connotation of her being an airhead cheerleader who improbably ended up vampire being a vampire killer. However, there's a Canadian singer/songwriter named Buffy Sainte-Marie (real name Beverly) who is an activist and kind of bada$$, so that makes the name cooler to me.
    January - I like it but it's kind of out there.
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