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    Laurel - I don't think this is too unusual, at all. I think it's a pretty, nature-y take on Laura and Lauren, still recognizable, easy to spell and say.
    Hermione - ehh. The Harry Potter associations are still incredibly strong. It's not a bad association, but expect a lot of comments on it.
    Pallas - this is all male to me. I've never seen it on a girl. But I think it's usable. A legitimate name, and again, fairly easy to say and spell.
    Lilith - ehhh. Not a great association, but if you're non-religious, the sound fits in with lots of popular names, is recognizable, etc.
    Joss - also masculine to me, but it's not bad. Seems very nickname-ish.
    Hester - I really like this, but it is a bit old-fashioned to pull off. I like how it's different than Ester, and the associations and nicknames.
    Joan - I think it's a tad bit boring and dated (like Donna, Rhonda, etc.) but Joan of Arc is a cool association. I prefer Jane.
    Lorelei or Lorelai - I think it's usable. I've heard it quite a bit on babies on the internet (Gilmore Girls seems to have caused that), but it's still classic.
    Virginia - I think the "Virgin" part of it kind of puts some people off? I like it, but don't love it. It's definitely usable.
    Artemis - it's got strong mythology connections, but seems usable. I'd probably keep it in the MN spot, personally.
    Doris, Dora, or Dolores - I don't care for these. Dora might get teased because of Dora the Explorer.
    Blanche - this is pretty, but it makes me think of vegetables. It's got an old-fashioned movie star appeal, though.
    Claudette - I prefer Claudia, but Claudette is nice.
    Britta - I can't think of anything but the water filters. It seems like it's trying to be a fresh take on Britney, which I don't like either.
    Sybil - NMS, I find it a little boring, but there's nothing wrong with it. I'd definitely rather see a little Sybil than a little Emma or Madison.
    Buffy - noooope. To me this is 100% a pet's name. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, "buff" as a term for nude, I'd say definitely not.
    January - I think it's masculine. again, NMS, but nothing wrong with it.
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    Wow, I just noticed I left these off of my last post!

    Britta - I love this, but be aware of the Community references. Britta on Community is constantly screwing things up...leading the study group to coin the phrase "Britta'd" so whenever someone messes up they're like "Great, you Britta'd it"
    Sybil - Kind of ambivalent, no real positives or negatives here.
    Buffy - Despite knowing a Buffy in real life, all I think about is the vampire slayer.
    January - Reminds me of January Jones, whose acting kind of annoys me
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    Laurel - good alternative for Laura!
    Hermione -I love this name! I don't think HP poisons it at all! Hermione is a really strong female character.
    Pallas- it is ok. pretty even.
    Lilith- I love this name. I don't understand any negative connotation. SHe was THE original feminist
    Joss- cute!
    Hester-I prefer Esther, Hester brings around 'Scarlet letter' connotations.
    Joan- :/
    Lorelei or Lorelai - I love this name. SO PRETTY.
    Virginia - I adore this name. It is clean, pretty, but strong and very historical.
    Artemis- << ADORE.
    Doris, Dora, or Dolores- very good strong name, opens doors to Lola nick name.
    Blanche- very pretty and very southern.
    Britta- water filter?
    Sybil- pretty and simple.
    Buffy- cute! totally for joss whedon fans!
    January- one of my favorite month names!

    You have AMAZING taste!

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    Laurel - it's ok but a bit dull
    Hermione - don't think it's too Harry Potter I like it!
    Pallas - not sure about this due to the two possible nn pal & lass - in the UK they're colloquial words pal = friend and lass = a northern word for girl
    Lilith - cant get over the Jewish folklore association with evil demons / Adams first wife who fell into evil
    Joss - makes me think of Joss Stone
    Hester - like this
    Joan - also like very classic
    Lorelei or Lorelai - not sure on this
    Virginia - like this too
    Artemis - like this
    Doris, Dora, or Dolores - like all of them
    Blanche - gorgeous I love this one very classic
    Claudette - like this
    Britta - sounds too much likd 'bitter'
    Sybil - love this too it's gorgeous
    Buffy - Buffy the vampire slayer
    January - not my cup of tea
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    Laurel -- I love the way this looks and paper, and I love the soft sweet sound I hear in my head, but I find it hard to say out loud.
    Hermione -- I'm sure it is having a slow but steady rise. And with Harry Potter, more people will be able to spell and pronounce it. Personally I find the association a bit strong and the name a bit harsh, but that is only my opinion.
    Pallas -- Pretty sound, but I just think of a palace, and I don't think that is pretty.
    Lilith -- This just seems like it is a name that will rise, along with all the Lily names. I also think it will depend on where you are as to whether the association is that strong.
    Joss -- I find this really hard to say.
    Hester -- I think this is ugly old lady. But that is coming back into style, so maybe!
    Joan -- I have a strong negative personal association, so I'm not a fair judge.
    Lorelei or Lorelai - I think it's gorgeous, although might be hard to say for some. I want this for my next girl (except I'm not having anymore! LOL), but it clashes with my last name.
    Virginia - I think it needs to rise! Very usable.
    Artemis -- Just don't see the prettiness.
    Doris, Dora, or Dolores -- I find them all ugly old lady, even Dora.
    Blanche -- Ugly old lady
    Claudette -- I have a soft-spot for all the Claud- names on girls. This one is probably my least favorite though.
    Britta -- LOVE!!! It needs use.
    Sybil -- Personally I don't care for it, but I don't have anything bad to say.
    Buffy -- In spite of the vampire slayer, it is too bubbleheaded for me.
    January -- Beautiful

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