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    Quote Originally Posted by lexiem View Post
    I really think that most of the names you listed are very wearable though might be considered outmoded by non-namenerds. (In particular Delores, Hester, and Blanche).
    Hester has always been one of my favorite Puritan names; the fact that it rhymes with fester is unfortunate but not a deal breaker.

    The only name I have a particular comment on is: Lorelei
    According to my family being German makes it less wearable because they don't really consider it a name as much as if you were naming your child "siren". It's still one of my top pick though. (I think Gilmore Girls brought this into public awareness and made it very wearable).
    Interesting. I knew the name referred to a siren of Germanic legend, but I had no idea it was essentially a word name to German speakers. Thanks for the info! I still love the name as well.

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    Laurel - I think it's very pretty.
    Hermione - Harry Potter.
    Pallas - Never heard of it before, but it's not my style.
    Lilith - Evil.
    Joss - To me it sounds masculine.
    Hester - Sounds dated to me.
    Joan - Also sounds very dated to me.
    Lorelei or Lorelai - Love it. Lorelei spelling.
    Virginia - To me it has virgin written all over it.
    Artemis - I has always sounded masculine to me.
    Doris, Dora, or Dolores - Dated.
    Blanche - Ooh. Sounds way to harsh.
    Claudette - Very pretty!
    Britta - Water filter.
    Sybil - Multiple personalities.
    Buffy - Vampire slayer.
    January - Adorable!

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    Laurel - this is a pretty name, less dated than Lauren
    Hermione - I for one LOVE it. You'll meet people who adore it and other people will have more of an "omg what a loser, who names their kid after Harry Potter?!" reaction (which was my sister's reaction when she heard I loved the name)
    Pallas - Not feeling it
    Lilith - Reminds me of a witch for some reason, but that could be something you don't mind or even like about it. If I met a Lilith I wouldn't hate it.
    Joss - Joss Whedon is all that comes to mind.
    Hester - Hester Prynne is all that comes to mind.
    Joan - Feels dated, but the right kid could rock it I suppose
    Lorelei or Lorelai - LOVE. My friend convinced her sister to name her daughter Lorelai after Lorelai Gilmore. They even call her Rory. I love everything about this name.
    Virginia - I kind of like it. It reminds me of that "Meet Virginia" song. And Ginny is an awesome nickname (though if you ever used it in a sib-set with Hermione, Ginny would be too much)
    Doris, Dora, or Dolores - I like Dolores, Doris feels too dated.
    Blanche - Not a fan.
    Claudette - I greatly prefer Claudia, but I wouldn't be horrified to meet a little Claudette.
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    Laurel - beautiful! I love it. It's warm and green and clean and crisp, such a nice image
    Britta- I read a book with a character by this name and I love it, though I think most will associate it with the water filters.
    Artemis - pretty, but I connect it with the book series Artemis Fowl so it feels weirdly masculine to me.
    Doris, Dora, or Dolores - I think Dora is usable, the others I feel are too dated. If you want a longer version with nn Dora I'd go with Andorra or Andromeda or something
    Lilith - I adore this name, it has a funky history, but I think it's very usable and far more fresh than most of the Lily variations
    Lorelei - overwhelmingly connected to Gilmore Girls for me, but I do think it's a beautiful name with a cool German story behind it
    Hermione - I do think it is overwhelmingly connected to Harry Potter, but I don't think it makes it unusable, but it'll definitely be a constant conversation.
    Pallas - it's pretty, but too much like naming a kid "Estate" or "Mansion"
    Joss - meh
    Hester - nope. All Scarlet Letter for me.
    Joan - snore, it's a fine name, just dated

    Virginia - I really don't like state names, and the
    Blanche - blah blah bland. it's just not a pleasant sound to me
    Claudette - same as Blanche. It's a very unpleasant sound-- clod - debt -- just ugly imagery.
    Sybil - I want to like this name, but all I think of is that horrible story with the woman with multiple personalities.
    Buffy - nope, Slayer all the way
    January - okay, just a bit silly.
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    I really like Hester, Blanche and Sybil - Hester in particular.

    About Hermione, I still very much connect the name to Harry Potter, but that being said, Hermione is not a bad character (on the contrary, she's quite badass), and definitely isn't a bad association.
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