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    Laurel - Beautiful, but I fear will always be mistaken for Laura/Lauren
    Hermione - I think the HP connection is still too strong. But it hasn't been in the US top 1000 in at least 13 years, that's all I know about it statistically.
    Pallas - I like it, but somebody brought up the "palace" sound and I do worry about that.
    Lilith - LOVE.
    Joss - I really like it, and think it's very wearable a la Joss Stone.
    Hester - I like it a lot, it was a name in the His Dark Materials series, which are my favorite books. I slightly prefer Esther. Vesper?
    Joan - Really like!
    Lorelei or Lorelai - I don't think it's trendy or classic, I think it's an underused gem.
    Virginia - I like it a lot, but I think the "Virgin-" and the sort-of similarity to the word vagina have kept it from becoming popular.
    Artemis - I like it.
    Doris, Dora, or Dolores - I don't like any of these, sorry. Dora is too "Dora the Explorer" and the other two are not ready for a comeback yet IMO.
    Blanche - I don't like it, much prefer Blythe.
    Claudette - It's okay.
    Britta - Water filters.
    Sybil - I don't really like it, but I couldn't give you a reason why... I just don't like the sound.
    Buffy - the Vampire Slayer.
    January - I think of the month, or January Jones the actress. It wouldn't be terrible, though.
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    Laurel -- one of my favorites overall, and definitely my favorite nature name
    Hermione -- I like it, but yes, it is overwhelmingly associated with Harry Potter (which is why I like it!)
    Pallas -- I don't care for this one
    Lilith -- I like it, definitely classic
    Joss -- I have only ever known a boy with this name, so not my favorite for a girl
    Hester -- LOVE this name! with the nickname Hettie. A total underused gem.
    Joan -- like it, but still has a 50s feel to me
    Lorelei -- love this name. It's on my short list.
    Virginia -- I like this one a lot, with the nickname Ginny.
    Artemis -- very unusual compared to some of your other choices, but would fit well with Hermione. Might set the tone for future kids if you use something unusual like this
    Doris, Dora, or Dolores -- I actually love the name Dolores with the nickname Lola
    Blanche -- very nice, a classic name
    Claudette -- I prefer Claudia
    Britta -- feels trendy, plus I know a Britta who I dislike so it has ruined the name for me
    Sybil -- this is one of my all-time favorites. I love it.
    Buffy -- I don't care for it, except maybe as a pet name
    January -- unique, but not my favorite
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    Laurel- definitely usable. I think it's pretty. Strongly prefer this than Lauren.
    Hermione - I love it. I think straight to Hermione Granger, but it's not a bad association.
    Pallas- dislike. I prefer Athena.
    Lilith- I like it, it's cute.
    Joss- nope.
    Hester- I'm neutral.
    Joan- or Arc. lol. I kinda like it, but not really my style.
    Lorelei or Lorelai - Prefer Lorelei, I guess it's fine.
    Virginia - I really like it.
    Artemis- I used to dislike it but now it's growing on me. I adore this name now.
    Doris, Dora, or Dolores- I strongly dislike Dora and want to avoid any name close to it.
    Blanche- like it, but I think I prefer it merely as mn.
    Claudette- cute.
    Britta- no appeal to me.
    Sybil- I think staright to Sybil Dorset and her 16 personalities.
    Buffy- Vampire slayer.
    January- not my favourite month name, but have nothing against it. Guess I'm neutral then.
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    Laurel - lovely. I love the reference to the ancient Romans and Greeks, and it's a very sweet and pretty looking name.
    Hermione - associations to Greek mythology, Shakespeare and HP. I think it's wearable, and a very pretty name too.
    Pallas - I think it's beautiful. It's unisex, born by several men in Greek mythology as well as Evander's son in the Aeneid. I like the story of Athene and Pallas though.
    Lilith - I love this name, it's a dark and sweet name at the same time, which makes it intriguing.
    Joss - I don't like this very much. Think of Joss Stone.
    Hester - Beautiful. I do think very much of The Scarlett Letter when I see this name, but that's not a bad thing.
    Joan - I do not like this. Jane or Jeanne are so much better.
    Lorelei or Lorelai - I think it's beautiful, but I agree with Lex, in Germany it's a word for sirens. If that doesn't bother yo, it's perfectly fine.
    Virginia - I've always liked Virginia, there's something very sweet about it. I wouldn't use it though, not just because it isn't my style, but because I think it promotes something I don't want to.
    Artemis - if you're familiar with the Goddess and her myths yes, if not no. I personally love the name.
    Doris, Dora, or Dolores - I think Dolores is a pretty name, but it's too tied to Lolita for my taste. It's all I see.
    Blanche - it's nice, I prefer the Spanish Blanca or Italian Bianca, but it's perfectly usable.
    Claudette - it's ok, and as above usable.
    Britta - sweet! I think of Dean & Britta. Usable.
    Sybil - Love, but prefer Sybilla. It's adorable whichever way though.
    Buffy - I would assume Buffy the Vampire Slayer was your favourite thing in the world. A tad weird, but cute too.
    January - It's a beautiful word, very tied to miss Jones, and I do almost feel like a simple surname is a must.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gretel View Post
    I was just brainstorming names and would like your thoughts on some of them - your opinion of the name itself and the connotations/associations it has for you, any interesting nn or middle name options that spring to mind, and/or its usability:

    Hermione - I love Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale" and the likable heroine who wears said name, but does this name seem overwhelmingly
    associated with Harry Potter at this point? While I love the series and the character, I wonder if that makes it unusable. Does anyone have any stats about how many girls have been given that name in the States over the past few years?
    Lorelei or Lorelai - Is it too trendy or classic? Does having German ancestry help make it more wearable?
    Virginia - Like Lorelei, this isn't as unusual as the others, but for some reason is hasn't risen with Violet and Victoria as I expected it to
    Doris, Dora, or Dolores
    I like Sybil, Blanche, Dora, Claudette and Lilith.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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