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    **Sister for Sophia Adele**

    Hello everyone! My husband and I are adopting a baby girl. We are SO thrilled and blessed and can't wait for her to arrive. Our first daughter is Sophia Adele. Sophia is a name we both loved because of the meaning. We have never met another Sophia (shocking with it being #1) but popularity doesn't bother us at all. We choose Adele as her middle name which is after my grandmother who I am very close to. We love Sophia's name...soft and sweet, has a history to it and a great meaning. For our new baby girl we are hoping for something similar. My husband loves Isabella (he has wanted to use it for years) with the middle name Rose after my mother. I love the is gorgeous...but it feels "filler" to me even though it isn't. We have thought of a different "rose" name...Rosalie, Rosemary...but we both like the simplicity of Rose better. Since we both love Isabella I am looking for a different middle name with the same family meaning as Adele. I really want to use Vivienne as the middle in honor of my mother. Vivian was her name but her favorite name was Rose. She always said she hoped that we would use Rose if we had a daughter someday. Unfortunately, my sweet mom when to Heaven a few years ago so it is very important to honor her. we choose Isabella Rose or Isabella Vivienne/Vivian??? Really, I love them both, both have so much meaning, both beautiful to us.... Ugh, so hard! Thanks so much for your thoughts! Cheers!
    ps....Vivian is also a family name...that is why we are considering the spelling Vivienne. She would be the only one in our family spelt that way...if that even matters!

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