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    Stuck with 2 weeks to go!

    Need a name for a baby sister to Lev... looking for another name that's of Hebrew or modern Israeli origin, and simple but not too common.

    We have a few names that neither of us has eliminated, though not sure we love any of them:

    Dania (has family significance, and I think it looks pretty, but does it sound nice? Would be same as 'Danya')

    My longtime favorite name is Liora, but DH only likes the shorter Lior or Ora. Any thoughts?

    I'm open to more suggestions! I prefer something that's feminine, not unisex, and DH prefers something short. We almost loved Aria, except that it's not quite legit as an Israeli name and we don't want to seem like we're on the 'Game of Thrones' tv show bandwagon.

    A few already eliminated are Shira and Hila (taken by other family), plus Aviva, Lila, Liat, Talia.

    Any help appreciated... starting to freak out here on the countdown!

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