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    How is the name Alice Blue?

    My husband and I are trying to find a good name for our future daughter. He wants to name her Alice. I think it's too old-fashioned. I honestly haven't heard of anyone named as such nowadays. But he digresses.

    What do you guys think? Is Alice a good name for a child? And if he wins this, what do you think would be a good middle name for Alice? I think Alice Blue could be a good twist for the name.

    Our older kids are, Imogen Hazel and Spencer Avery.

    Give me some middle name suggestions to go with Alice. Open minded, but we don't like trendy names or anything super common.

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    Alice is an absolutely lovely choice, names like Alice are definitely back in vogue.
    Imogen, Spencer and Alice are lovely together.
    Alice Blue is nice enough, but I would prefer Alice Bluebell.
    My favourite middle names for Alice are;
    Alice Arabella
    Alice Bluebell
    Alice Dorothea
    Alice Edwina
    Alice Francesca
    Alice Georgina/Georgiana
    Alice Henrietta
    Alice Josephine
    Alice Juniper
    Alice Magnolia
    Alice Mehitabel
    Alice Ophelia
    Alice Persephone
    Alice Rowena
    Alice Tabitha
    Alice Tatiana
    Alice Valentina
    Alice Wilhelmina
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    'Alice Blue' is a colour, just so you know. Not a fan of it as a name.

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    We have decided to name our baby girl Alice Skye. So her full name will be Alice Skye Murray. Thank you all for your answers and advice.

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    Imogen Hazel and Alice Blue seem quite matchy, but that's ok. I hadn't heard of Alice blue as a color. Alice seems modern from this site. Go for it!

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