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    Jul 2011

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    Sep 2012
    Location: Waipu

    LN: Fawdray

    DH: Edward Lincoln
    DW: Violet Eleanor

    DD: Sofia Emmeline
    DD: Iris Henrietta
    DS: Oscar Joseph
    DS: Reuben Leo
    DS: Arthur Rylan
    DS/DD: Henry Jules / Lily Katherine
    DS: Simon Alexander

    Edward & Violet with their children: Sofia, Iris, Oscar, Reuben, Arthur, Henry, Lily, & Simon.

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    Feb 2011
    Location: Auckland

    LN: Thorn

    Spouse 1: Marina Helen Jane Thorn (nee Light)
    Spouse 2: Samuel Josiah Felix Thorn "Sam"

    1) DS: Lucas Sebastian Joshua
    2) DD: Henrietta Iris Faith "Hattie"
    3) DS: Daniel Zachary Tate "Danny"
    4) DD: Anna Poppy Elizabeth
    5) DD: Clara Emilia Caroline
    6) DD/DS: Catherine Aurelia Lily "Kitty" / Albert Finnegan David "Bertie"
    7) DD/DD: Felicity Rosa Mae / Claudia Summer Violette

    List your family here:
    Marina & Sam Thorn - Lucas, Hattie, Danny, Anna, Clara, Kitty, Bertie, Felicity & Claudia
    august cillian edmund evelyn stellan // anouk demelza elizabeth lydia violet

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    Living in Wellington

    Spouse 1: Brianne Elizabeth Tyson
    Spouse 2: Sebastian James Thorn

    First: Mason Levi Thorn
    Second: Isabel Grace Thorn
    Third: Saskia Rose Thorn
    Fourth: Oliver Luca Thorn
    Fifth: Aria Delwyn Thorn and Rylan Samuel Thorn
    Sixth: Isaac Tayvius Thorn
    Seventh: Noah Rhys Thorn

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    Jan 2013
    West Midlands, UK
    The Kirkby living in Waipu. H: Nathan Kim and W: Valentine Bethanie {Light}. The Kids: Ruby Amelia, George Dane, Joseph Dylan, Isabella Anna, Arthur James, Albert Billy and Isaac Henry, Vincent Alexander. ~~~ Nate and Val with: Rue, Georgie, Seph, Bella, Art, Alby, Isaac, and Vince.
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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