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    Jun 2013

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    Mar 2013
    Living in Queenstown

    The Hollings Family

    Matthew James and Alexis Paige

    Chloe Ellen
    Aidan Robert
    Dylan Cole
    Reuben Michael
    Brooklyn Eden
    Timothy Edward

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    Dec 2013
    Family lives in Wanganui.

    LN: McCloskey

    DH: Aaron Josiah
    DW: Simone Alexa Gibbs

    DD: Charlotte Emmeline
    DD: Georgia Eloise
    DS: Oscar Benedict
    DS: Rufus Oliver
    DS: Samuel Rylan
    DD: Juliet Aurelia
    DS: Alexander Timothy

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    May 2013
    We live in Waipu .

    Spouse 1 : Clement Louie Wright
    Spouse 2 : Isabel Amelie Thorn - Wright .

    DD1 : Ave Florence Ellen Thorn - Wright
    DS1 : Crispin Ethan Thorn - Wright
    DS2 : Dylan Louie Thorn - Wright
    DD2 : Anna Elizabeth Thron - Wright
    DS3 : Adam Anthony James Thorn - Wright
    DS4 : Isaac David Thorn - Wright
    DS5 : Edward Grayson Luke Thorn - Wright
    'and so, being young and dipt in folly, I fell in love with melancholy,.'
    - Edgar Allan Poe

    libra, Edgar Allan Poe and Frida Kahlo obsessed,
    a mind full of dreams and an unconditional love for cats x

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    Sep 2009
    the scotland in my dreams.
    9: Auckland

    Spouse 1: Elsa Margaret Tinworth Pihema.
    Spouse 2: Samuel "Sam" John Pihema.

    DS1: Harvey Lucas Pihema.
    DD1/DS2: Daisy Eloise Pihema.
    George Robert Pihema.
    DD2: Pippa Greer Pihema.
    DD3: Meera Frances Pihema.
    DD4: Sophie Caroline Pihema.
    DD5: Kelly Aurelia Pihema.
    DD6: Annabelle Summer Pihema.
    "Nothing ever fatigues me, but doing what I do not like."

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