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    Haha No Laken is not made up, we do live on the lake and are very much water people.. Laken has different forms of spelling, Lakyn, Lakynn, I personally prefer it Laken just because we could nn her Lake or something of that nature.

    Carolina would definitely be pronounced Caroline-uh not the Caro-Leen-a. I am born and raised in South Carolina and i know a lot of Carolines but have yet to meet a Carolina. I dont want her to be called Carol, my neighbor is Leena.. I havent decided on what kind of nn, I suppose we would call her Carolina and then see what nn sticks once she is here.

    OH, and husband has decided he is against Nova. Says its too weird for us haha.. oh well. i tried!

    Quote Originally Posted by gretel View Post
    Is Laken made-up? It just feels too trendy to me in a way Nova didn't. I prefer Lake - Lake & Alex would be a cool pair.
    How did you come to like Laken? And if you're into water-themed names have you considered River?

    Between Laken and Carolina, I definitely am more drawn to Carolina. Weirdly, though I like the long form pronounced LINE-uh (like the states' names), I find the nn Lina pronounced LEEN-uh more appealing when paired with Alex.

    When you juxtapose the long forms of the names, they work quite well together: Carolina & Alexandria.

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    "Nothing could be finer than to be [with] Carolina in the morning/Nothing could be sweeter than my sweetie than I need her in the morning/If I had Aladdin's Lamp for only a day/I'd make a wish and here's what I'd say/Nothing could be finer than to be [with] Carolina in the morning!"

    It'd be fun to sing that to her, I think!
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    I misread Laken as Lakelynn which I think that would be super cute and similar to Madelynn but different but I might spell it Lakelyn. You can't go wrong with Madelynn Grace. Carolina is also adorable. Laken, Hadley and Macyn (this makes me think of Mason) just sound like boys names to me. Nova isn't my style either.
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    I love Carolina Harmon, its sweet, spunky and classy.
    Just like Alexandria. (Also both are place names which I think is nifty, and the family name connection).

    FYI: Laken is the german word for a large sheet (as in bed sheet), and that's just too weird for consideration for me.
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    I like Macyn and Madelynn the best. I know someone named Macyn and I think it's cute, but she goes by Macy a lot, so if that will bother you I would go with something different. There are a lot of Maddies out there now, so if you like "different names, I would go with Macyn or maybe Laken.
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