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    What about Adelaide Grace NN Ada. Similair to the name you had picked but a little different. I don't feel like you hear Ada that often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkpalmettomama View Post
    If I used Novaleigh what kind of middle name would go with it?
    Novaleigh Celeste
    Novaleigh Blue
    Nova Lynn Grace
    Nova Madelynn

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    I love Madelyn (my daughter's name), and Nova is really different so I like it! When I first read your post's title, I thought of my favorite guilty pleasure name, which my husband would never let me use and which doesn't go at all with my other kids. Vesper. Swoon. I love Vesper.
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    oh my goodness Vesper! I havent ever heard of that one!

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    I like your taste in names -
    Laken Grace - I like Laken, but I think I like just Lake even better.
    Carolina Harmon (Harmon is a family name) - Very nice! I like Carolina (would you pronounce it like the states or the Spanish pronunciation?) also like Harmon and the family connection.
    Hadley - Cute, but not girly enough.
    Macyn - Usually I don't like creatively spelled names, but this one seems OK to me.
    Nova or Novaleigh - Cute
    Madelynn Grace nn Maddie - OK so this one is very nice and very safe, but it definitely does not have the "ooooo" factor by any means.

    If you are looking for "oooo" I would go with Carolina Harmon or Laken Grace.
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