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Thread: What if?

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    What if?

    What would you name a brother or sister to sister Lennon and a brother Dylan? I can come up with boy names but not girl names. Help!
    Names I love for my future children:
    Girls: Maisy, Nora, Josephine, Lydia, Marian, Clementine, Amelia, Scout, Naomi, Darcy, Sage, Blair
    Boys:Gabriel/Gable, Kale, Easton, Jasper, Carlisle, Joseph, Jameson, Grant, Bennett, Asher

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    Give me a list of the parents' favorite musicians.

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    javad Guest
    Something 1960's folk music-y. Maybe Janice (Joplin) or Joan (Baez)?

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    I was going to say Joplin <shakes fist at @javad in jest> darn you.

    Obvious Suggestions in conjunction with Dylan & Lennon: Hendrix, Jones, Winter, Sommer, Zepplin, Bowie, and Preston
    More-Subtle Suggestions in conjunction with Dylan & Lennon: Sebastian, Petula, Mitchell, Drake, Sebastian, and Cohen
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    I don't like Lennon on a girl too much. And I do think that the musician theme is a little...ah, tacky.

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