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  • Catherine Elaine V.

    21 41.18%
  • Charlotte Elaine V.

    22 43.14%
  • Violet Elaine V.

    18 35.29%
  • Emilia Elaine V.

    7 13.73%
  • Ariella Elaine V.

    4 7.84%
  • Lila Elaine V.

    7 13.73%
  • Arianna Elaine V.

    4 7.84%
  • Aurelia Elaine V.

    9 17.65%
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    Still trying to find a girl name...any help is appreciated!

    Okay, so according to the other poll I did, everyone agrees that 1) Elena is the better spelling and 2) Elena is too similar to my niece's name, Delana.

    Now, I have to find a name that my DH can fall in love with since he is so dead set on Elena.

    Elaine is his mother's middle name, so we would like to honor it.

    I like longer, more traditional? names..

    I made a poll from the ones I like, but again, any suggestions are welcome!

    The boy name we have picked out is Declan Leighton V. (our last name ends in a Y and is 7 letters)

    Other family names include:


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    What about Helena? Goes great with Catherine and changes the sound of it so that it doesn't sound too similar.

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    Thanks for the suggestion! I'm not a big fan of Helena though, sorry!

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    The only ones that I think do not sound well with it are: Ariella, Aurelia, and Emilia -- they're too much of a tongue-twister.

    I like Arianna and Charlotte the best with it, but Catherine also sounds great. Lots of great choices.
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    So far Catherine Elaine has the most votes, but I feel that a) it is too popular here and b) I hate the nicknames for it.

    I looked up the top names of 2012 for my state (top 100) and Violet is nowhere to be while it may be popular one around here has that name..yet...and this still feels 'right' for my daughter...maybe because I love the color purple too much, ha!

    I love Aurelia, but people with a southern accent are going to have a very hard time with this unusual choice I'm afraid...thoughts?

    If you don't like Violet Elaine V., can you give me your reasoning please?

    In another post I mentioned Emmeline, but it's just too much with Elaine, I think.

    Thanks so much!
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